Borderlands: Handsome collection

due for release on

April 27th.

The game itself contains two full games (Borderlands 2 & Borderlands Pre-Sequel) with all the DLC ever created for them.

With the power of PS4 and Xbox One it allows you and 3 other friends to play together through the massive campaign on one console via split-screen.  It is the perfect opportunity for new fans to jump into the series for the first time!

For returning fans like myself I can import my previous save games from my 360 and carry on where I left off but with the beefed up visuals next gen has to offer. You will also be able to play the Pre-Sequel Borderlands for the first time on a next gen console as it only came out on 360/PS3 and PC.

As a gamer this title offers hundreds of hours of gameplay value.

We are currently running a small campaign on Facebook with a video developed by Derek Watts and the Sunday Blues. Their previous video gained over six million views :

Our video was put together in a short amount of time to highlight the fun that comes about from playing with four of your best mates on a couch:


Check out the official trailer here:


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