So I was invited to the Premier of John Wick 3 Parabellum on Wednesday night at Fourways Mall Cinema.

It was a red carpet event where we got to rub shoulders with a few celebs as well as the Voice Top 16 Finalists.

Unforunately for me I arrived after the red carpet was done due to traffic, but still managed to make it in time to try out some of the yummy Simply Asia dishes, before heading into the cinema to watch the movie.


Now if you are like me and have watched the previous 2 John Wick films then you would be excited to see the 3rd chapter in the John Wick tales.


Who is John Wick?

He is the Boogyman Assassin. Everyone is scared of John Wick because when he is around you know you are as good as dead.

This film has more action packed scenes and stunts than the previous 2 films. The cinematography in this film is excellent, however some of the fight scenes I thought lacked something. Maybe it was the fact that each strike given and taken had a delay in being delivered and didnt look very real to me.  They were good none the less.


The gun scenes and the scenes involving the horses and dogs were awesome to see in this film. This chapter of John Wick adds in new characters, delves into John Wick’s past and how he became the man he is today. You even learn more about the underworld and ways of the Assassin.

I don’t want to be a buzz kill and ruin the movie for anyone because it really was a good and enjoyable movie which kept me entertained throughout the entire film and I look forward to the next chapter  in the tales of John Wick. 

Now showing in cinemas country wide.

Book your tickets you wont be disappointed.


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