We always spend a lot of time, trying to find a perfect pair of glasses. Modern fashion world offers you a huge amount of beautiful and stylish glasses, so the task of finding the right ones turns to be very difficult. The shape, the color, the form, and the size all these matters for every dandy and fashion-monger.  Today, Carl Zeiss Progressive Lenses considers to be one of the most popular fashion trends.  If you want to do everything to make your favorite glasses serve you as long as it is possible, follow our tips!

Tip #1 Rinse

Clean your lenses with warm water, or use special liquid, meant for glasses rinsing. If you wipe ones, when glasses are dry, any small grain of sand or dust can scratch the surface and damage your favorite glasses.

Tip #3 Use sprays

Today, you can find at the market special cleaning sprays, which rinse your lenses and cause zero harm. It is a very easy and fast way to take care of your lenses.

Tip #3 Air Dry

If you have such an opportunity, let your glasses dry out in a natural way.

Tip #4 Protect

Always keep your glasses in a protective case. Use a special microfiber or cotton fabric to wipe them. Don’t wear your glasses on your head, even if you forgot your case at home, it would be better to carry them in your hands.

Try Carl Zeiss Progressive Lenses and stay cool and trendy this summer.

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