We were invited on the 1st March to the opening of the Body Worlds Vital Expo taking place at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Johannesburg.


For those who don’t know what it is I am taking about let me tell you.
It is an Expo on the human body and all its wonderous functions. Thanks to Dr Gunther von Hagens’ ground-breaking preservation process, called Plastination, each specimen unveils unique insights into our amazing bodies.The expo shows you in detail how every body part works, from your toes to your muscles to your digestive system to your brain and nerves absolutely everything. Now the real attraction to this expo is that all of the body parts on display are infact REAL human donors that have given their bodies to science and thanks to the Preservation through Plastination they are able to bring this expo to life. I mean every picture you going to see here was once a real living person.

The only artificial parts are the eyes otherwise everything is real, or shall I say was real. 
You’ll learn the story of how our lifestyle choices affect our health and vitality and what happens when we are struck down by specific illnesses or medical conditions. More than 180 anatomical specimens of real human bodies show us how sophisticated, yet fragile, our bodies really are.

I must say I wish I had Expo’s like this when I was at school because then I would have paid more attention in class.
This is an excellent outing for all schools as well as for the family if your kids are aged 8+ and as long as you not squeamish because there are some really gross displays.

BODY WORLDS Vital is open Monday to Sunday from 9am until 6pm (NB: last admission at 5pm) between 1 March 2016 and 19 June 2016.

Tickets can be bought online from Webtickets (by card, EFT or in Pick ‘n Pay) or at the venue (by cash or card).
We recommend booking your tickets online to avoid disappointment, especially for weekends and holidays.
Visit for more info

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