If you’ve decided to stop using cologne for some reason, it doesn’t mean you will smell nasty now. You can still smell good, and we will tell you how:

  1. Washing powder

There is nothing better than fresh clothing smelling like heaven; for this reason, you should use the right washing powder. Look for laundry detergents, which can eliminate bad odors and make your clothes smell awesome. Don’t be surprised if people will try to stay closer to you and enjoy amazing scent coming from your clothing!

  1. Body lotion

The Classic Barbers also recommend using a scented body lotion for smelling great. There is a huge variety of lotions, and some of them smell unbelievably tasty (do not eat). It’s highly advisable to choose body creams with a hydrating formula for keeping your skin soft and moisturized!

  1. Aftershave product

Proper post-shaving routine is of great importance for preventing discomfort and irritation. A good aftershave product replenishes moisture of your skin and soothes it softly. Pleasant scent is another advantage of this product, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Avoid heavy fragrances unless you want your partner to suffocate when being close to your face!

  1. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great decision for various reasons, and pleasant scent is one of them. According to the Classic Barbers, this is the best product to use after a sweaty gym session or a long day at work. Dry shampoo masks unpleasant odors and reactivates products in your hair, thus making it look brand new!

Follow this simple advice to smell great under any circumstances!

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