Are you torturing in doubts what hairstyle to choose for these Holidays? Yes, sometimes it turns to be a very difficult decision to make. You search on the Internet, trying to find some stylish and trendy hairstyle, read through magazines, looking for inspiration, but it is all in vain. Today, one of the best Barbers in New York will save your day! Here are three most coveted hairstyles of winter 2016.

Messy top

Are you a funky, active, and positive person, who likes adventures, traveling, and new experiences? Then, short, textured hairstyle with the choppy top is meant for you. Liam Hemsworth is a wonderful example of such haircut. It works better with round and oval face shape and makes an interesting combination with a thick beard.

Buzz cut

It is a marvelous, timeless cut, which always stays on trend. It requires minimum efforts to style, that is why guys like it so much. This hairstyle makes you look like a bad boy; at the same time, it highlights your natural beauty and creates a neat and clean image. Nick Jonas prefers Buzz cut and looks adorable.

Long and layered

Chic and daring hairstyle, inspired by Game of Thrones star Adam Driver quickly gains its popularity among young people all over the world. God knows whether it happens because of the popular TV series or Adam`s beauty, nevertheless guys like this cut.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair and try some new styles. Following our tips, you will always look like a Hollywood star.

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