I had the pleasure of taking my 4yr old daughter and some friends to the (CNLSA) Cartoon Network Live theatre show at the Teatro  at Montecasino on Tuesday.

This fun filled show was made up of a combination of the channels best animated series like Adventure Time, Gumball, Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girls.

The entire cast performed excellently and were extremely engaging with the young audience, as well as the older audience.

It was great to see how CNLSA intertwined each cartoon character into the actual story, and how each different character had a specific role to play throughout the show.

The stage production was vibrant with an array of different coloured lights and lasers, as well as all the different set pieces.

With crystal clear sound you could hear all the voices perfectly, making it easy for everyone to follow what was going on.


My only criticism of the CNLSA show was when Zarr starts to decrease in size. 

I thought that for this particular scene they should have rather used a string puppet and controlled him from above or below or anywhere, as long as you didn’t actually see the person controlling the puppet.


Overall my daughter and her friends loved it, especially because of all the dancing and singing they did throughout the show, which for a kid is loads of fun and entertaining.

I highly recommend this as a show one should definitely consider taking their kids to see.

The show is on until the 8th July 2018 so don’t delay click the link below and book your tickets


Thanks Big Concerts, Live Nation, 947, DSTV  & Cartoon Network Live for a great time and we look forward to seeing the next one.

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