How we use the internet has changed

Cybersure” If there’s 1 thing we learned from the pandemic it’s that good internet is absolutely essential to survival. Oh, and panic buying is a real thing. But that bit about the internet is way more interesting than which of your aunties bought way more toilet paper than could be used in a lifetime. This is mostly because, well, it seems like the internet is something that we’re more addicted to than it being something we need to survive.

But the fact is that the way we use the internet is no longer just for entertainment purposes. We can use it for so much more and because we’ve been staying at home during various lockdown stages, we’ve needed to.

Here’s a look at the ways in which the internet is changing how we live.

be Cybersure when Online shopping 

Yes, shopping online has been around for a long time, even in South Africa, but the degree to which we use it now is on par with the likes of America. Now, we can order art, furniture, books, clothes, groceries, baby stuff, and so much more from our phones.

It’s convenient, often cheaper, definitely more hygienic, and involves way less driving around.

Our work-life balance suddenly became real

Most businesses have realized that their employees can be more productive when working remotely. It’s not possible for every industry or job, but if you can, then you most likely will start to work from home and enjoy a higher degree of flexibility without hindering your productivity.

Digital healthcare

This is a biggie because patients can communicate with their healthcare providers using electronic forms of communication, like videoconferencing, instead of going for an in-person appointment. This form of healthcare has actually been around for a while. In fact, NASA has been using telemedicine comms to diagnose and support astronauts since the 1960s. Depending on how tech-savvy your doctor is, you can use platforms like Zoom to call in and chat about your various ailments.

If there’s anything serious, we’re sure your doctor will call you in for a socially distanced appointment.

Virtual learning opportunities

Remember going to classes? We neither, because it was too long ago. But now, even if you want to learn a skill or better your education, you still don’t have to physically go to classes. Say you want to learn how to knit or speak French or become a marketing guru. You can do it all online, using video tutorials and curricula from distance learning institutions that can equip you with official certificates, diplomas, and degrees to further your career.

Look after your mental and physical health with virtual support

There are also an increasing number of online programs to help you manage your mental and physical wellbeing so that you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to or can’t find time in your day. By looking for the right program on the internet, you can improve your nutrition, quit smoking, and join support groups for topics like diabetes and parenting. You can even search for programs to help you with better financial management. It’s all online and there are even loads of options that are free and can be slotted into your schedule.

Seriously, go online and take a little search for what you need… it will be available there.

Get your sweat on

Some of us were somewhat relieved that we couldn’t go to the gym. And then the urge to move our bodies got the better of us. Thankfully, gyms and instructors came to our rescue and put out online classes and tutorials to help get our sweat on at home. Now, we can work out when it suits us and save a little money as we’re only paying for the classes. And if you’re broke and recovering financially, then there are tons of classes on YouTube for free.

cybersure king price

Watch your cyber step

It’s clear that we need a fast, reliable internet connection in order to live more conveniently. What we also need to recognize is that crime has also gone online. All it takes is a couple of clicks on a dodgy site or strange email and you can be hacked, phished, scammed, tricked into opening infected attachments, or even held to ransom until you pay up.

Maybe this sounds extreme until you realize that Transnet has recently been in the news for what appears to have been a case of cybercriminals targeting them with a strain of ransomware. This has been a tough time for the company and it’s frankly worrying how disastrous the impacts of cybercrime can be. That’s why you need Cybersure

In fact, if you’re 1 of many South Africans running a side hustle online, building a business with a digital footprint, or working online from home, then it would seriously be a good idea to explore cyber insurance to cover your software and data, financial loss, disruption and reputational damage that result from cyber-attacks. Not to mention your liability arising from the misuse of, and third party attacks on, your IT infrastructure, as well as data breach expenses, extra costs, and loss of income.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at a cybersure product that protects you and your business against the risk of your increased internet activity, then click here.

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