L’Oreal has very recently come out with a Megagloss lipgloss range that contains a revolutionary brush shape. The first ever ‘Lip Shape Applicator’ will change make-up application as you know it.


Yep, we have all seen the adverts and we have all seen the spiels of “oooh look at our awesome lip applicatior that makes applying lipgloss/lipstick easy peasy”. Nooo.. these are usually just advertising ploys and, once you get home and excitedly apply said product, it’s as difficult as applying any other product.

This one, however, honestly and truly is the most perfectly designed lipgloss wand that follows the curve and shape of your your lips and it also holds just the right amount of lipgloss onto the applicator so you aren’t left with excess product. It is so easy and basic to use – the wand does the job itself without you having to draw around your lips or anything like that. It automatically goes with the curve and shape of your lips.


Described as a “Lip hugger for fit lip curvation” and “Aero sphere material for soft sensation” it really does what it is advertised to do and apart from that it is made up of a winning formula which contains hyaluronic acid (for hydration), antioxidants and vitamins (for comfort and quality) and high shine colour pigments for it to result in a high shine and intense colour.

The range is available in five types; Candy Baby which is a Cream finish, Matte Waow which is a Cotton finish, Neon Finish which is obvious, Dazzle Finish which contains shimmer particles and Xtreme Finish which will give you the ultimate in glossy lips. **Please note that only Cream, Matte and Xtreme Resist are available in South Africa right now.

When I saw the Megagloss ranges I knew that at the very least I HAD to get the matte gloss in 401 Amen and the cream finish lipgloss in 104 Mafia Gloss. I also got another matte finish in 407 Smoke Me Up and the Xtreme resist effect in 503 All Night Long.


From left to right: 407 Smoke Me Up, 401 Amen, 503 All Night Long and 104 Mafia Gloss and 503 All Night Long


From top to bottom: 407 Smoke Me Up, 401 Amen, 503 All Night Long and 104 Mafia Gloss and 503 All Night Long

The formula of both is incredible. Non-sticky, high pigmentation and the matte effect is SUPER creamy without being drying. Usually you can feel your lips tightening immediately after applying a matte lipgloss or lipstick whilst this one stays creamy and sleek, but with the look of a matte formula. I would actually call the matte effect glosses a liquid lipstick more than anything else. That is how buttery the formula is!

I am also a fan of the packaging. As you can see in the images the square tubes are plain, clear and sleek. You can see how much product you have left and, because they aren’t made of glass, you aren’t worried to throw a few into your handbag.


Top swatch – Mafia Gloss Bottom swatch – Amen


Amen immediately after application. You can see the sleekness even though is is matte.


Wearing Mafia Gloss on Christmas – three hours AFTER application! The colour is more maroony is reality but check that staying power.

When immediately applied, the matte gloss gives off a sleek sheen and after a few minutes you can see and feel it start to mattify. The cream finish gloss stays sleek and shiny for hours. Both the matte and cream finish glosses only needed to be touched up after three hours of wearing!

I saw someone review the glosses online and she mentioned that they go clumpy when worn over another product (ie a lipstick to alter the colour payoff) so I tried it out myself and yes, when using the matte effect gloss over another product it just feels way too thick and clumpy. However, the other two gloss types I have work perfectly fine over other lip products. You can also add the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Top Coat for extra staying power!

And lastly, the bubblegum sickly sweet smell of the product is AMAZE. I always always mention how a beauty product smells in my reviews and this may seem weird to some people but I will never re-use a product on my lips if it tastes or smells weird.

So all in all, a GREAT product line from L’Oreal! What a way to start 2016!

Rayne xx

** These glosses can be found in most Clicks, Edgars, Red Square, Dis-Chem and Foschini stores. They are currently on sale for R149 stores.

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