What started out as an ordinary Monday in December 2014 actually ended off being a NOT so ordinary Monday. It was roughly 5:30pm when out of the blue I received an email from &V Agency in The Netherlands offering #DKEXP, the opportunity to interview one of their Artists Willy Monfret as he would be in South Africa for a couple of days.

Who is Willy Monfret? Well for those who don’t know who Willy Monfret is I shall tell you.

Monsieur Monfret born in France on 3 October 1982 is a French Caribbean Model, Actor, DJ and former Athlete. In 2010 he moved to New York City from Europe and was then discovered by singer and rapper Nicki Minaj, who made sure to star Willy in her video that same summer.

Right Thru Me & Love Trilogy“.

Willy Monfret is an International Top Model and has worked with prestigious brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Benetton, Carrera and L’Oreal to name a few. Willy also recently performed at the Mozambique Fashion Week in between having a photo shoot in Cape Town with Kurt Geiger as well as he was a Special Guest DJ at club Coco in Cape Town, which just so happened to be the owner Shaun Duvet‘s Birthday. 

Monfret was hired as the tourist spokesman of  the Guadeloupe islands. He made a series which aired for two seasons for the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board titled “Let me show you my Islands” in which he gave an insider’s look at the Guadeloupe Islands touristic venues.

Willy Monfret has opened for events during the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 & 2013 and has had several residencies at Club Volar (Hong Kong), Cavalli Lounge (Ibiza), Baoli (Cannes), Hiltl (Zurich) and Greenhouse (New York). For his DJ career he has played in several night venues in Australia, Asia, United States of America, and South Africa. He gets his inspiration from his journeys across the globe.

 Okay so by now you should all know exactly who Willy Monfret is and know that this was another big achievement for #DKEXP to receive in 2014. So without any further delay here is our Exclusive Interview.

Interview with DK Expressions 


  1. Tell me Willy… How did you enjoy yourself in Cape Town?

First of all I love Cape Town because it is the only city in South Africa where the women out number the men. I think it was 7 to 1? Cape Town is really one of my favorite cities. I’ve been here many times and I try to visit Cape Town once a year. I love the energy and yes… You guys have plenty of beautiful women here! 

 Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 00.53.01

  1. How did you come into the Modeling and DJ world? (What inspired you and was it something you always wanted to do with your life)

Modeling was pure coincidence. I was walking down the street in Paris and a scout from a modeling agency asked me if I was interested in modeling and, to be honest, I wasn’t at the beginning. But then I realized that I could use the money to pay my schooling, drivers license and for traveling. Because I’ve always loved travelling and discovering different countries. But DJing always had my interest. It all started with break dancing with my friends in the hood when I was very young. My big brothers always listened to Hip Hop Djs. I did like Hip Hop also but during my trips to other countries I discovered my love for other styles of music. During my traveling I started organizing some events and decided to make music and spin at my own parties.

  1. So you recently had the opportunity to play at one of Cape Town’s best night clubs Coco, How was it meeting Shaun Duvet the man involved with bringing Ultra Fest to South Africa that showcased some of the world best music talent?

Yeah, it was great. That night at Coco was awesome! The people were great and had a lot of good energy. I had so much fun there! It was Shaun Duvet’s Birthday celebration and when we finished playing, we were totally drunk! Shaun Duvet is a great guy! 

  1. Who is your favorite Avenger and why? (Hulk, Ironman etc)

Definitely Wolverine! He looks awesome and he can live a very long life without being hurt or being ill. And I want Storm as my wife! She can fly and bring sunny days all year long! Everybody who knows me, knows I loves the sunshine!

  1. If you could pick any 3 people for the following who would you pick and why?

5.1 Marry?

Aishwarya Rai  

5.2 Shag?

Adriana Lima 

5.3 Throw off a cliff?

I don’ t think I would ever throw anyone off a cliff. Ha ha ha

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 00.52.09

  1. What message can you give to the youth of our country and the world?

To live your dream! Of course you have to work hard but it is also about your capacity to get along with people. I think that a kind heart and open mind can bring you so much good energy and that will help you to achieve your goal

  1. Tell us a bit about the Mozambique Fashion Week and what your role was?

On day two I had to close the fashion show walking for Micaela Oliveira and then I DJ’d at the after party. It’s a great event. It brings fashion and music together and I think that’s the way to organize a great event and could be an example for many fashion week parties around the world. 

  1. Do you prefer to DJ and Produce music or Model?

I like shows and the nightlife so DJing is definitely my favorite but all 3 go together. 

  1. What is the one question you have always wanted to be asked in an interview but no one ever has? (Please add in your answer to that question as well)

A question where I could express how amazing my parents, my family and friends are. They gave and are still giving me such great values of life!

  1. What are your plans for 2015? Got any secrets you willing to share with me that you haven’t told anyone else yet?

Okay here is a secret I will share with you. I will appear soon in a new music video

  1. If you could collaborate with any Artist Dead or Alive who would it be with?

Definitely Bob Marley

  1. For my final question I would like to know what do you think of the South African People, Food and of course Women?  

The Food is amazing! The people are warm and welcoming. My future wife will be from South Africa 😉 LOL

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 Well thanks Willy for taking the time to be interviewed, by me I greatly appreciate it and I look forward to maybe Partying it up with you in JHB next year.



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