Fashion, Flavour & Art event at Shimmy Beach Club


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The annual Fashion, Flavour and Art event in support of CANSA was held at Shimmy Beach Club on 08th August 2015 (yes, I know, this review has taken its damn time!). The theme for this year was #TellYourStory and attendees were encouraged to share their experiences – as in this day and age, everyone knows someone affected by cancer in one way or another

I was very much looking forward to this event as it promised the things I love most in life; food, glamour, good taste and lovely people.

We were treated to awesome food from Beluga restaurant (just a tip; their seared tuna sashimi is TO DIE FOR), wine from Creations, rum and orange zest from the Shimmy bar, cheeses from Klein River Cheese, vitamin water from the new range Element and the most divine coffee from Tribe.


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The MC for the evening was Liezel Van Der Westhuizen and she took us through the entertainment which was made up of a contemporary dance piece, two songs from the duo Femme Fatale, two fashion shows from designers Gabriela Charlotte and Molteno, loads of raffle prizes donated by Bvlgari, Clarins, Inner Secrets and more, a photo booth sponsored by the fabulous Abigail K and so much more. The array of sponsors also donated items for goodie bags (I would definitely suggest purchasing the VIP ticket so that you receive a goodie bag 😉 )

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When we received our invitations the thing that caught my eye was the ‘Interactive Art’ which was set up on the night that everyone at the event paint in puzzle segment of the art piece (made up of lots and lots of pieces). This was raffled off as the main prize of the evening.
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We were also given a speech on the purpose of CANSA and the story behind it, as well as what they hope to achieve through all their hard work and dedication. Every single cent raised from the Fashion, Flavours and Art event is going directly back into the organization to better them, as a whole, in order to help others.

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Overall it was the perfect night, and the fact that it was all for charity just makes it that much more amazing. I would definitely urge everyone to attend next year!

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