8 Jan 2014 – JOBURG





Produced by Tony Cox


Mark’s Park, Emmarentia, Wednesday 8th January at 20h00


featuring  ANDREA VALERI – Italy

supported by Dave Baudains and Tom Selmer-Olsen – SA




David Baudains

David Baudains


When the young Italian acoustic guitar prodigy ANDREA VALERI performed in Cape Town two years ago his electrifying performances resulted in sold out shows and becoming incredibly popular in a short space of time.  After countless requests to return, Valeri has now completed his second season in Cape Town for International Guitar Night Summer series with full houses and standing ovations.  He has one concert in Johannesburg at 20h00 on Wednesday 8 January 2014 

at Andy McGibbon’s Acoustic Forum, Judith Road, Mark’s Park, Emmarentia.  



Defined as the Prince of fingerstyle guitar and a new acoustic music Ambassador, Andrea is already a veteran of the many acoustic guitar festivals that take place world-wide.  All the guitarists who have inspired Andrea consider him to be one of the shining lights of the guitar world. His style is always evolving and his global success is growing day by day.



Valeri will share the bill with South African acoustic guitarists David Baudains and Tom Selmer-Olsen. David recently performed for IGNSA’s. winter series.  

Tickets cost R180.  To book call  082 651 1094 or email

International Guitar Night SA is presented by Tony Cox and generously supported by Music Experience.





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Sultans of Swing  –

Tango –




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International Guitar Night is a series of performances held every summer and winter to bring to our South African doorstep the world’s greatest and most accomplished acoustic guitar players of the world today. IGN’s main focus is on those players who use their right-hand fingers to individually pluck the strings creating bass, rhythm, melody and percussive lines all at the same time, like a mini-orchestra coaxed out by the fingers of the right hand.


ANDREA VALERI was born in Ponteder on February 27, 1991. Performing professionally from the tender age of sixteen, from Australia to New Zealand, from Canada to Russia, from Europe to Africa, he has garnered much success all around the globe. Now, at the age of 22, defined as the Prince of fingerstyle guitar and a new acoustic music Ambassador, Andrea is already a veteran of the many acoustic guitar festivals that take place world-wide, sharing the stage, recording and collaborating with the greatest guitar players the world has to offer. Awarded with the ” Excellence of Italian Music”, Andrea started his guitar studies at the age of ten, first studying classical technique then passing through an electric phase and finally at the age of fourteen, the acoustic steel-string guitar.

This is when he began to absorb particular techniques like thumbstyle, fingerstyle, flatpicking and more, all synthesizing into his present six-string prowess and indeed at his age, his music and playing are still evolving.  By age eighteen, Andrea had released four highly acclaimed albums: The secret of Silence (2007), The Trip (2008), Maybe (2010) and DayDream (2011). The young musical genius is also known for his collaborations with the Australian guitar virtuoso Michael Fix; firstly the track ‘Cannonball Rag’ on Andrea’s album Maybe, and the second time with Andrea’s song Guanches,  the opening track of Fix’s album ‘Two Timing’; that album also features Tommy Emmanuel, Sam Shepherd, Louie Shelton, Stephen Bennett, Nick Charles and many others.

Andrea has also collaborated with Goran Kuzminac (in ‘Parole Semplici’, one of the most successful songs of Goran’s last CD ‘Dio Suona la Chitarra’) and with IGS Company that helped him to record and publish his first song Rails.

All the guitarists who have inspired Andrea consider him to be one of the shining lights of the guitar world. His style is always evolving and his global success is growing day by day; Andrea is currently touring world-wide with his new album DayDream, published by Vinile Records and edited by Myrope musical editions. 

What the critics say :

‘A poet said that the idea of a true musician is in his heart – out of time – it is warmed by the sun of human feelings, it falls into the hands, sliding along the fingers, onto the body of the instrument. And music is born! Music of talent and heart. Andrea Valeri’s music is exactly this. It’s music of talent and heart. The wonder of his skill as a guitarist is never alone, it always seems about to surrender to itself, its speed, its rhythm, its amazing polyphony, and becomes an atmosphere, an interior space where you can breathe, pure sound of the heart’

Giovanni Nuti, Vinile – Myrope (Dec 29, 2011)

Review from Andrea’s show in South Africa – 2011

‘Sensazionale Chitarrista Italiano entusiasma Cape Town!’

Chitarra Acustica

 From other guitarists

JOHN DOAN : ‘A Guitar Genius, one of the best Guitar players in the world’

MICHAEL FIX : ‘The shining light of the guitar world’

ERIC SPITZER-MARLYN : ‘His potential is one of the world’s Best’

THOMAS LEEB : ‘I met him in a Festival in Italy, and I was completely blown away by this new fingerpicking sensation’


Andrea is probably the most talented guitar player I’ve ever seen. He has created his very own style, and his technique is indescribable! He’s the most friendly and warmest person I’ve ever met, and I’m so proud to call him my friend’

DON ROSS : ‘Amazing’ 

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Sultans of Swing



David Baudains was born in Cape Town, South Africa where he was raised to a sepia-tone soundtrack of 60’s vinyl including The Kinks, The Troggs, The Rolling Stones, Steeleye Span and folk heroes Donovan and Bob Dylan. David co-founded New Academics with close friend, lyricist and musical collaborator Joe Penn in early 2004 and shortly afterwards, relocated to Johannesburg with the group. Following two South African Music Award-nominated releases (Best Alternative album for 2008’s City of Strange and Best English Alternative Album for 2009’s The Apple), the band took an indefinite hiatus in early 2010, allowing David to indulge in a bit of musical wanderlust.  The past two years have been spent exploring the more subtle textures of the acoustic guitar and stripping away the notions of song writing learned through years playing in a collective. For the collaborative musician, solo performance turns on its head preconceptions of melody, rhythm, space, tension and release.  David’s solo voice can found in the in the sonic undergrowth, in the flutterings of slackened strings and percussive taps, in the spaces in between, in the delayed and effected decay of chords and notes. The resulting soundscapes are intricate, melodic and serve as his personal refuge from the pressures and monotony of big city living. At the heart of the music are themes of dislocation, desire and perseverance, but most specifically love and friendship.

David Baudains

David Baudains

2013 saw the release of Younger and Wiser, David’s full length debut, a collection of 12 songs, some of which first saw the light of day over ten years ago as passing notes on journeys to other sonic destinations.

David Baudains

David Baudains