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Forgetfulness – Billy Collins Animated Poetry

Forgetfulness – Billy Collins Animated Poetry


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29 thoughts on “Forgetfulness – Billy Collins Animated Poetry”
  1. (Take a peek at my videos – live action intercut with author-readings. Welcome your thoughts, fine animator

  2. beautiful ~ some subtle music could have perfected this in my opinion ~ though i guess you wanted to keep a sense of absurdness up in the air

    again, beautiful work.!

  3. This is beautiful and Billy Collins reads his creation well! Great animation completes this excellent work.

  4. Just hearing this poem being read on its own would be beautiful enough, with the animation it is just mesmerizing. Great work.

  5. I truly hope this medium brings poetry back to the masses. Thank you so much for uploading this, it’s amazingly well done.

  6. Ye Gods, that was amazing. I love Billy Collins and you did splendid work creating visuals around his words.

  7. That was, dare I say the most wonderful thing that has happened to me today. And it’s 11:30pm. Not much else could happen at this point.

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