Futuristic – What Do You Expect (Visual) (prod. Tony Choc)

Futuristic – What Do You Expect (Visual) (prod. Tony Choc)

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Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with everything that comes with being a successful independent musician & I think there’s a lot of things that Fans/Friends/Family fail to realize. With social media being the main way to promote my music I am constantly checking my phone reading everything you guys say. Most of it is good but some is bad & sometimes even hateful. I reply as much as I can, I wish you guys happy birthday, I answer your questions, I have conversations with you online & when you see me in person, & I even neglect my own obligations to make sure you guys are happy & I do that because I LOVE YALL & APPRECIATE THE FUCK OUT OF YOU! Without you I would be nowhere. But please realize something… I am a regular person. I have a life outside of my music videos & concerts. I can’t talk to every single one of you all the time & that doesn’t mean I’m Hollywood or Ive sold out. It’s just literally not possible! If I replied to every tweet/comment/snapchat/message I would have no time to do ANYTHING ELSE at all! I also can’t make the same music I used to because I’m growing & evolving. I’m not experiencing the same struggles or living in the same conditions as I once was. I rap about what I’m going through RIGHT NOW and I’m so glad you guys have stuck with me this whole way! My next music is my best music. Let’s grow together

PS. My album is dropping in late August/Early September

Edited by Jordan Wozy

Video footage by @JakobOwens

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