Gauteng Motor Fest 2015 supports worthy causes

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As a visitor to the 2015 Gauteng Motor Fest you can look forward to a

weekend where your heart beats faster, adrenaline courses through your

veins and the world whirls by at speed. You’ll now also be able to rest

(when your pulse-rate allows) secure in the knowledge that you’re

supporting two diverse yet worthy causes.

This is because Southern Africa’s leading exhibitions and events

powerhouse, and Gauteng Motor Fest organisers, Thebe Reed Exhibitions

chose this year’s event as a way in which to support the SPCA Brakpan, with

its care and promotion of the welfare and compassionate care of animals as

well as Think Bike, the vital campaign helping to educate the general public

about issues of safety when sharing the roads with cyclists and bikers.

Founded in 2005 as a safety awareness campaign, Think Bike is now a

national awareness phenomenon complete with a membership option, a

community forum with thousands of contributors and dozens of sponsors.

The non-profit organisation has distributed hundreds of thousands of

leaflets and bumper stickers, reaching thousands of road users with its

message: “Raising Awareness of Saving Lives?”

Think Bike
also holds an elite team of safety marshals in Gauteng and the

Western Cape that assist at various events such as the 94.7 Classic Cycle

race and The Argus Cycle Tour and numerous other projects.


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Be a part of these vital initiatives by visiting their show stands and bringing

along non-perishable animal food for the SPCA.

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