A number of specially selected South African households look set to become the country’s

latest reality stars when Gogglebox South Africa premiers on Thursday 03 March 2016 at

21:00 on the Sony Channel (DStv Channel 127).

A diverse mix of South African’s will be represented on the show where we are invited into

ordinary people’s living rooms. Introducing some of Gogglebox’s household’s:

 Portuguese married couple Travis and Giselle, both share the same professional

interest as online content producers. This couple is bold and entertaining. Their

strong connection as a couple will be tested as this couple don’t always see eye-to-

eye. Join Travis and Giselle as they entertain you with their energetic playful vibe on


Valentine and Melissa enjoy spending their time doing the simple things in life as a

couple – having dinner and drinks in front of the TV. Valentine a make-up sales rep

and Melissa a home executive share their time with their three-year old son. A

dynamic, supportive and beautiful young family that will be sure to keep you


 Best friends, Eslina and Mirriam have been by each other’s side since the age of 15.

Eslina is a home executive, while Mirriam is a domestic worker. They are

entertaining, open and honest, with the best sense of humour. Their contrasting

personalities with Mirriam taking the role as the ‘big sister’ and Eslina’s ‘sometimes

naughty’ behaviour are sure to get viewers hooked.

 Sisters Tamzin and Adele describe themselves as fun, loud and opinionated. Tamzin

is a dance teacher and Adele is a relationship executive. The sisters enjoy spending

time together but don’t always agree on what to watch. With Tazmin’s care free

attitude and Adele’s more intellectual views, these sisters are set to provide


Gogglebox South Africa – Sony Pictures Television Networks’ first locally commissioned

South African television series – is set to have us glued to the box, with a concept that will

have you addicted to watching people – watching TV!

Get ready as the households openly voice their unscripted opinions about what they are

watching on the box – whether on politics, sport, news, reality TV or the latest dramas,

from the comfort of their living rooms.

You’ll become acquainted with the folks of Gogglebox, commenting on shows we often think

the same about when watching TV. This topical show is filmed 7 days before the episode

airs, allowing viewers to observe the households watching the weeks TV shows,

encouraging up-to-date and at times controversial discussions.

The 10-part local version has been commissioned by the Sony Channel and will be produced by partners Eject Media’s, Stephan Le Roux and Picture Tree’s; Gary King.

Says Sonja Underwood, Sony Pictures Television Territory Director – Africa Channels:

“Gogglebox is a fantastic show and we believe that its humour and diversity makes it perfect

for South African audiences. It is not your typical television show and we believe our first

local production will become a firm viewer favourite.”

Executive Producer Stephan Le Roux concurs: “We believe that we have created a show that will create debate among people. Gogglebox South Africa reflects the current state of society and will stimulate viewers to share their opinions and thoughts. We hope that it will also inspire more channels to make programmes in the local marketplace.”

On its debut in the UK, Gogglebox soon became a word-of-mouth hit that had the Twittersphere buzzing and has resulted in numerous spin-offs in countries around the world

with popular editions made in the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, Israel, Poland, Finland,

France, Norway, China and the Ukraine. And now South Africa is to get its own home-grown. Gogglebox airs every Thursday at 21:00 on SONY CHANNEL DStv (Channel 127)

Gogglebox, will get you talking