The Green craft beer Festival


Date – 3 June 2017 
Time – 10am to 6pm
Venue – Benoni Northerns Sports Club
Price – R150 + Booking Fee


This review might be slightly brewed, if you get what I am saying (No Pun Intended).

To be honest for the first Craft Beer Festival Event that I have attended in my whole life, I could vouch for myself that it did not meet my expectations.

My expectations of arrival depicted a wild, but busy crowd with no place to move… to me it just felt like I was in the Wild West with a tumble weed passing by until about 1pm when the event started to liven up.

Not to say that there was not a lot of individuals roaming around of teenage, university students.

The perception in my mind was of a massive crowd of middle-aged men mostly and some women enjoying the various types of beers with their mates’, sort of drew a “big picture” for me. 

The event itself was relaxing and soothing for a hard weeks work at Varsity, playing a game of beer pong or two, here and their surely livened up the atmosphere.

The location of the “The Green Craft Beer Festival” was held in Benoni at the Benoni Northerns Sport Club, which was quite a distance both for Johannesburg and Pretoria attendees.

In my assumption the Pretoria and Johannesburg Crew can always wait another week for the 10th of June to go and attend “Capital Craft” at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens.

In my opinion I did not feel too comfortable leaving my car outside the premises, have you never heard of those stories where you go to an amazing event and when you ready to  go home, whoosh, Houdini the magician has made your vehicle vanish… disappear into thin air.

Not a situation you really would want to put yourself in.

The service was relatively fast, I have no reason to complain compared to those events where you wait in a queue for 10-15 minutes get to the front, to still wait another 10-15 minutes before receiving the service.

Food that was provided was ‘on point’ event though it was not an “a la carte” dish, it tasted fantastic … I just could not stay away from “Mi Casa Coffee” iced coffee.

For an event that attracts many students I think the ticket pricing, to accommodate such a market is slightly pricey; where you still have to take into account that as long as they have cash on them.

They will spend and stay at the event much longer.  

Northerns Sports Club Crew (Jenny, Sandy and I)

Lastly for the main finale, as far as I counted their where probably 17 different brands in total at the Green Craft Beer Festival, which consisted of Ace Brew Worx, Alpha Craft, Poison City Brewing, Mad Giant, Grower Brewing Co.

Darling Brew and many more, each had about two to three different types of beer to taste from.

TAKE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances (Designated Driver), I did not get to taste all of these crafted brewed beers, I would have liked to.

Alpha Ginger Cinder had a refreshing taste towards it; smooth, yet rich with a fresh taste of apple flavor and a pinch of ginger.

Poison City’s The Punk Rocker; I did not enjoy much of its’ bitter and dry taste, maybe because I am just a sweet person in general.

Aces Brew Worx, Kristall Weiss; was one of my favourite with a light sweet scent, finishing it off with a fruity smooth, medium-dry taste. 


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