What exactly can we expect from GTA’s ‘new toys?’

Fans of the enduringly popular Grand Theft Auto franchise were delighted to hear an announcement from Rockstar Games recently which provided details on the latest downloadable content for GTA V.


An official statement from Rockstar said: “We are working on another update coming soon that will feature some very cool new toys for you to enjoy and flaunt with your ill-gotten gains. For now, the screenshot below provides just a glimpse.”


Said screenshot involves the game’s heist missions, and in particular, zooms in on a new toy for season GTA gamers: a modified pistol. The sophisticated piece of weaponry looks as if it has been upgraded to a modified .50 from the original GTA 5.

Alongside this classy piece of kit, viewers will also find an even more aesthetically pleasing sports car in the shot, with low rally lights, a carbon hood and gullwing doors.


But while a new sports car and gun may be indicative of even more heists, nothing has been confirmed as of yet relating to any new missions in the game’s downloadable content. Rockstar said: “For those asking for more heists, please understand that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were a tremendous undertaking so it’s not the sort of thing where we can easily create and publish additional heists like other job modes and missions.”


All is not lost for those looking for a little additional excitement however. One update which has been the talk of internet forums for months is the proposed casino feature, with some claiming it is the “next update to come to GTA.” Notorious Twitter user and GTA leak funmw2 recently tweeted about a Casino DLC, warning fans of “gambling functions like casino, lottery and car betting.”

What is unclear at this point, however, is whether or not players can win real money in these proposed casinos. Playing for real cash is something that many modern day console games have shied away from thanks to legislation, particularly in countries such as the United States. However, with more relaxed laws on online gambling in areas such as South Africa, sites like Yeboyes Casino are trumping the casino industry for those who want a little more out of their online gaming, indicating that this is perhaps something which GTA V should pursue.


Players may be disappointed with the lack of new online heists, but Rockstar assures that fans should not be disheartened. A representative confirmed that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to updates, saying: “We are, however, working on other cool updates for GTA Online that you can expect over the coming months.”


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