Description: Think that there is nothing new you can learn about washing your hair? Find out how you can improve your washing routine!

  1. Reduce frequency

The first adjustment you should introduce to your washing routine is to reduce frequency. Wash less often and preserve essential oils.

  1. Get rid of tangles

Sooner or later you will have to get rid of those knots. We recommend to do detangling process before washing instead of tormenting wet hair.

  1. Shampoo your scalp

You should form a habit of applying a shampoo to your scalp only. Firstly, it will get to your length eventually and secondly, you will save some product.

  1. Condition your ends

Ends are the driest and weakest part of our hair that needs extra care of conditioner. Moreover, this little trick will help to prevent undesired oiliness.

  1. Turn the heat down

If you want to improve your washing technique, you should set the right temperature of water. Learn to say “no” to hot water!

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This has been a Guest Post by Victoria Howell