Talking about beard dandruff is not embarrassing; it’s embarrassing not to know how to solve this annoying problem. So, let’s find out how:


  1. Wash with the right products

We won’t explain you the importance of regular washing because it’s obvious. The products you use to clean your beard also matter. Regular shampoos or soaps are too harsh for facial hair, thus leading to dryness and flakes. Soho NYC barbers recommend using special beard wash products, which remove dirt without affecting natural moisture deposits.


  1. Be gentle with your beard

Harsh maintenance cannot cause dandruff itself, but it can contribute to the already existing problem. You should be gentle with your beard when drying it – pat it with a towel instead of rubbing. If you experience itch, keep your hands to yourself and don’t scratch – find other ways to bring relief.


  1. Avoid excessive heat

Since washing is an important element of regular beard maintenance, we would like to share another shower tips with you. It’s essential to use lukewarm water when cleaning your facial hair. Extreme temperatures in the shower are dangerous for moisture balance of your skin and can cause undesired dryness.


  1. Improve hydration habits

If you want to get rid of beardruff, you have to address the reason for this problem – dryness. According to Soho NYC barbers, products like beard oil or balm can make a big difference in the hydration habits. Use them regularly to increase the moisture level of your skin and forget about nasty beard dandruff!


Follow these tips from and you will see the first results very soon!