Love using heated tools but hate repairing your hair after thermal damage? Learn easy ways to protect your locks from heat damage.


  1. Choose good tools




If you want to be free from thermal damage, you should start making good choices. Don’t be afraid to spend more money on professional tools.


  1. Adjust temperature




Starting with the highest temperature setting is the common mistake causing damage. Start small and choose lower heat settings first.


  1. Use heat protection




You should never work with a heated appliance without proper protection. Shield your locks from thermal damage with the help of protective spray.


  1. Don’t stop moving




You should do everything to minimize the possibility of heat damage. The best way to do this is to minimize the time of direct contact with heat tool, move it!


  1. Provide with moisture




Proper hydration makes your hair strong enough to resist any kind of damage. Maintain optimal moisture balance to make your hair ultimately strong against outer dangers.


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