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HISHE Review Podcast – Cocaine Bear (SPOILERS)

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HISHE Review Podcast – Cocaine Bear (SPOILERS)

Like a Bear finding a powdery bag in the woods, we are trying something for the first time. Is it a Review? Yes. Is it a finely tuned podcast? No not exactly. We want to start adding something to the channel that doesn’t take a month to build and could easily exist on top of our usual animation schedule. So we thought, talk more movies! So why not start with that new Coke Bear movie? Let us know if you enjoy it, if you want more, and what should we call this thing of a podcast #movie #hishe #podcast

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How It Should Have Ended
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72 thoughts on “HISHE Review Podcast – Cocaine Bear (SPOILERS)”
  1. You guys should do one of these again. It was really entertaining but next time you should totally do it as Batman and Superman and they just get back from the theater review 😂 as I’m watching this, I’m just imagining Superman and Batman talking to each other at the pub/ diner about the movie they just saw lol especially when he just said bear the most dangerous animal on earth in the Batman voice

  2. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve seen a movie. I will always watch HISHE videos immediately because they’re so good and highly entertaining!!

  3. The amount of pre-teens and kids in the theather for this movie…lol!
    WTF, parents?

  4. ‘batman’ you always make me crack laugh 😂 😂 nice podcast 👍👍👍

  5. So if hishe makes a cartoon on this, does the bear go to the Cafe, the pub, or the chimichanga truck?

  6. This movie was great. A complete idiotic escape of insane ridiculousness. There should be NO expectations walking into this film. It’s a campy bloody farce. Don’t hold it to any standards. Enjoy it for what it is. More bear would’ve been great, but it was still a really good time.

  7. Hears a bright idea; Why don’t you make sure that our first responders our okay before immediately assuming they can handle everything just because you’re too lazy to check if a crack bear has killed them all.
    Ughhh. Okay fineee

  8. I like “How it ended” or maybe “How it could’ve ended” something like that.

  9. Now if only someone would bother to do a true remake of the (1979 show) PROPHECY ~ And then add Coc@ine to it! (Aswell as M&th!! to the Methyl Mercury MIX) then one could really have a good ‘Psycho Social’ Bear Party (Horror Flick) to watch…

    After all this time, the people of the new Gen’s could finally see where the concept of ‘ManBearPig’ truly came from in South Park… lol!!!

  10. I missed your HISHE reviews. Glad to see you’re trying something similar again

  11. Damn, now i have to see the movie, i’ll see you tomorrow.

  12. “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” —David Brinkley

  13. Oh yeah, please do continue this podcast! I’m curious to see what you’ll talk about next.

  14. I like the name “the untitled podcast”. I unironically think it fits the theme of the channel better then most things you could come up with.

  15. It was pretty predictable. But at least it had a happy ending.. sort of. The bear still lived. Spoilers.. duh

  16. The fact that people are profiting off humans causing wildlife immense harm is sickening. What isbwrong with people. Why is ANYONE watching this movie??

  17. Does the cocain bear share his “honey” (heh now the cops won’t be able to pin this on me)

  18. Podcast title: HISHH (How it should have happened) or HISHE (How it should have EXECUTED)

  19. We really need a How It Should Have Ended on Winnie The Pooh Blood & Honey its a very famous movie right now

  20. Best way to review this is, don’t judge it by today’s standards..It’s more like a weird situation comedy of a movie like pirrahna.

  21. I wanted more of Ray Liotta (R.I.P.),not just because it was his last performance, but his character was the most GTA Vice City character in the movie, and he was awesome as the audience’s pov of the insanity of the events.

  22. Good to here our opinion. Like the format. I would just have a spoiler warning at the beginning and that leaves you free to discuss it openly.

  23. One of the best things HISHE caters to is things people DON’T WANT TO SEE. Like this. Love Liz Banks tho. But I’ll wait till bored and it’s streaming.

  24. i liked this, i love hearing movie reviews and stuff. i’d like more videos like this :]

  25. Podcast name idea:

    -Pod that should have Casted
    -Pod we should have Casted
    -How it should have Podcast
    -How we should have Said It
    -Podcast should have ended

    And you can call your fans Hishes and Hishers

  26. That family guy flashback to the finding the body outside the cave just took me right out of the movie.

  27. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it very entertaining, so I personally wouldn’t recommend this becoming a thing. Although it’s It’s been a while since your last hishs dubs

  28. Daniel, your mic seems like it’s down super low
    Chris, your mic sounds good
    Other than that, I really enjoyed this

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