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How Barbie Should Have Ended

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How Barbie Should Have Ended

It’s not just Ken who Barbie overlooks in Barbieland, it’s also Allen & Midge.
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Allen’s whole desire was to just get out of barbieland, and then Barbie says she wants to leave instead after coming in contact with every sleazy man imagionable from the real world. And poor Midge is just left constantly preggers and called weird for it. These two got ripped off and deserve to be set free.

Artists and Animators:
Ruben DeLuna https://rubendeluna.com
Daniel Koss https://kossarts.com
Christian Flores https://linktr.ee/cfloresdesign

Ben Garcia https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/bennysteven/with-love

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124 thoughts on “How Barbie Should Have Ended”
  1. This hishe was originally a video made by spanish hishe if i am not wrong

    Thats why looks weird

  2. Please created ‘How Battleship Should Have Ended’ and ‘HISHE Duds Battleship’ someday SOON!😃

  3. Hey Hishe please make hishe videos on The Mask of Zorro 1920,1940 and The Mask of Zorro 1997 and it’s sequel in 2005. Also on From here to Eternity, Ocean’s 11(1960), Supergirl (1980), Helstrom season 1, Runaways season 1-3, Cloak & Dagger season 1-2. Please, please,please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  4. Meh. I lost interest about a third of the way through. It doesn’t even change anything. It’s basically just a summary of the movie.

  5. Is this a really smart way to say that the Barbie movie should have ended how it did end ? If so… I like it 👍🏽

  6. This one felt… off… It’s like this was solely made because the Barbie movie was popular, and because of sponsorship. 😞

  7. Can I make a villain pub compilation like every single video that includes or is about villain pub

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  9. I do wish one thing was different in the ending of this movie- Gloria should’ve become the CEO 🥲

  10. Glad im not the only one who didnt like this one. WHat did you even change? this was more of a summary than a “how it shuold have ended”. maybe show other ‘toy worlds’? or what if people wanted to stay in barbieland? or something more different and actually funny

  11. There was more Spiderman content than Barbie in this video and what little there was wasn’t great..

  12. hishe didn’t change anything in the barbie movie bc its already perfect we love it!! 🩷✨️

  13. Well this was almost as unfunny as the movie itself. You seriously could not have watched a few reviews and used those jokes? Not one joke about the ultra-feminism?

  14. Some feedback: I would prefer an extra long video than a rushed/incomplete one to highlight the sponsor. By all means, make that money, but please dont sacrifice the quality of your content.

  15. This is….. horrible. I’m sorry. I don’t like to say anything harsh. I try to keep that stuff to myself, but this is just…. so bad.

  16. Um, what about batman and superman, or like “here’s a bright idea…” guy or just something. I’m sad. I’m honestly sad, i really hope you just were having an off day or something😢

  17. I feel this was one of the weakest of this series and mainly a sell out to a non related video game. When the ad is almost as long as the video, something is amiss.

  18. Pfft…anyone else excited about the fnaf version of hishe? Because there’s so many different things to hit on

  19. If you’re not gonna include any Barbieheimer jokes in your spoof of Barbie, why even do it?

  20. Idk I think the way It ended and the way it should have ended is pretty similar. Tell you what I think Ken should have gotten a happily ever after as well. Also the whole movie just comes off a little messy and jumbled when it comes to it’s overall message other than a couple scenes that clearly spell out what they’re trying to say.

  21. How Barbie should have ended: ending the cinematic and animated timelines entirely due to an over inflation of ridiculous Barbie movies

  22. To the contrary to all of these comments, this was awesome because now I don’t need to watch the movie

  23. This HISHE was a whole load of nothing….
    Edit: I take that back, it was a mediocre ad for Spiderman 2 which everybody knows about. So a whole load of nothing

  24. This was… Not HISHE, you didn’t change anything, just animated the movie scenes with different dialogs

  25. Why is this not really any different from the film in any way? Because the movie was just perfection ~

  26. HISHE missed an opportunity for Barbie to tell the other one that she didn’t want to be human and actually followed through with it. That would’ve been funny to see.

  27. Not gonna lie l, i like the video….but it felt more like a HISHE dub, then a HISHE animation, if you know what i mean (mostly just explained WHAT happened throughout movie)

  28. Even though this was more of a summary, it still made me chuckle! Although I was surprised there was no appearance by Oppenheimer.

  29. The first HISHE miss ever. Everything that was funny was just what actually happened in Barbie.

    So many angles you could’ve had. Like Mattel execs explaining to Barbie that her dolls are only one of fifty brands they sell. Or the goth girl refusing to get dressed in pink. Or the Barbies becoming an authoritarian regime to hold a Ken war crime tribunal. Or Ken choosing to just stay in the real world to have more masculine power. Or or or or….

  30. Does anyone else think that this was a Hishe specifically for the people at Hishe that was simply fun for them to make?
    No? Y’all hated it?
    Well, I though it was hilarious.

  31. Damn. This was a missed opportunity. They could have had Ken decide to go the real world, find himself, have the mother and daughter actually have a more impactful bonding experience and decide to make their own line of dolls with a mother doll, idk, something. The only good part of this was Alan and Midge.

  32. wait, but there was no different ending, what happened? shouldnt there have been an ending where they gave kens the right to vote and special minority treatment?

  33. I’ve never seen the barbie movie, and this all just seems like someone watched all the barbie movies and puked all of that info onto paper for a script. I now want to see barbie more.

  34. Poor midge she’s been pregnant for 20 years and now she’s stressed out why didn’t anyone help her

  35. This was kind of lazy. What happened? Well… at least Kathleen Kennedy didn’t replace all of the Kens with strong and diverse women.

  36. Whoever wrote this HISHE video, no offense but it’s really not your best work. I feel like there is SO much for HISHE to work with in lovingly skewering the Barbie movie, despite how fun of a movie it is. but I guess we all have our off days huh

  37. Allan becomes a war criminal to get into heaven, so he teams up with ghost, wario, cartman, belos, Peter griffin to bombe everyone. god becomes very upsetti and everyone turns into frogs. everything the explodes, and Allan becomes god.

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