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How Batman Should Have Ended

How Batman Should Have Ended

Batman HISHE Cartoon! An animated alternate ending to the 1989 Batman movie that you’ve never seen before! Witness the epic showdown between Batman and Joker as we explore all the ways this classic movie should have ended.

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– Credits –
Written by Daniel Baxter

Daniel Baxter
Tina Alexander
Chris Oldenburg

Artwork: Daniel Baxter

Animation: Daniel Baxter & Chris Oldenburg

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additional backgrounds:
Steve Hidook & Otis Frampton

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85 thoughts on “How Batman Should Have Ended”
  1. *Hey how should have ended you can make a video of how amazing digital circus pilot should have ended please*

  2. “He wants to know if you want to know his secret identity, get married, and have babies. I’m so bored with this place” epic line I’m Batman

  3. I grew up watch this channel senes I was 6❤❤ i currently in high school and this channel older dan me

  4. I think what’s interesting about the acid flower one, is that the movie itself actually has an explanation for why he didn’t use it.

    It was on the bigger coat that he wears over his tuxedo, which he hung on the balcony before he started dancing with Vicky. You can even see the acid flower on his coat when the helicopter arrives later

  5. There were an absurd amount of opportunities to straight up murder Joker (him saving Vicky at the museum is another one) since this Batman isn’t confined by the no kill rule. It’s a very significant Batman movie but Burton definitely should have stayed closer to the source material bc there are some egregious plot conveniences in this one and especially Returns.

  6. When will you make videos about The incredible Hulk 2008, The new mutants 2020, Loki 2021, What if 2021, Hawkeye 2021, Moon knight 2022, Morbius 2022, Ms Marvel 2022, I am Groot 2022, She – hulk attorney at law 2022, Secret invasion 2023, The Blue Beetle 2023, I am Groot season 2 2023, Loki season 2 2023, Aquaman the lost kingdom 2023, What if season 2 2023, Echo 2024?

  7. omg the multiple attempts to fly in the middle of the moon absolutely killed me HAHAHAHAHA

    are yall gonna be there in august for NGL??

  8. It feels wrong to see Batman without his mask, this is the most Cafe-Batman version of Bruce we’ve had yet

  9. Hey guys, please do a how it should have started esp for lotr. I. Im Sure that ring Gandalf put in frodo’s hand wasn’t cool at all. Lol😊

  10. I just love the cafe scene at the end with batman and super man especially batman it’s just way too funny

  11. Please do How Anastasia Should Have Ended and How The Prince of Egypt Should Have Ended.

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  13. I wish they had a video on ‘justice league: crisis on infinite earths’ or ‘ GOT House of the Dragon’

  14. Jack nicholson was a really bad reaction to a joke, being none humble, when a person wanted to him put his firm into a ledger joker photo. 😂

    You can saw it at google.

    Nicholson could have laugh at it and said: He was a good joker.

  15. I love how you questioned how nobody ever thought to shoot Batman in his exposed lower face

  16. hey, hishe, they just announced that GOTG Vol 3 was nominated for best visual effects in the oscars, so… you know what to do next.

  17. Here’s two ideas for you. You should do HISHE’s on JUMANJI (1995), and even one for Scarface (1983).

  18. Let’s please make a new video “How Mean Girls Should Have Ended” in honor of the release of the remake

  19. That song at the end sounded a lot like the Bobby Brown song from Ghostbusters 2. “Well I guess we’re gonna have to take control”

  20. So now that HISHE did Batman 89. Are they gonna move on to Batman Returns next? Because that would be cool to see.

  21. Does someone know how to make these type of animations? Or what design software he’s using?

  22. First Try! I was dying inside at this part.
    Also that sounded more like Bobby Brown’s “ON OUR OWN ” from Ghostbusters 2 you were doing at the end.

  23. Batman gets away with killing people because he’s a rich white dude that represents the hegemony of the status quo. Super man on the other hand is an immigrant from outer space. He’s just lucky he still looks like a white man, otherwise, he’d be hunted like Martian-man hunter.

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