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How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Should Have Ended

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How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Should Have Ended

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever HISHE!
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How It Should Have Ended
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314 thoughts on “How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Should Have Ended”
  1. That ending is exactly what the f I was expecting tbh… was shocked it didn’t happen that way…

  2. You were using mayan in the atlanteans scene!!!
    Im from Campeche México y señores ustedes son lo máximo con esos detalles en sus videos

  3. ill watch the HISHE but never the actual movie! I refuse to see it as a black panther movie without the TRUE Black Panther: Chadwick Bosman, may you forever rest in piece your majesty.

  4. I swear one day marvel is going to kill wong and then they won’t be able to use that bs mirror dimension anymore!

  5. The “this isn’t like in the movies” line makes me roll me eyes. Like, this is literally a movie lol maybe that’s the point, but I don’t find it funny

  6. At this point, it’s hard to make a good Marvel movie. But it’s okay, I’m sure they got it with their diversity, inclusion, and ID politics 😂👌

  7. There was so many different ways it could’ve ended… Or even told the story. I the suspension of reality was huge in this one…

  8. Needed now How the Shazam 2 It Should Have Endend! or maybe 2-3 weeks later. i’m just ok waiting!

  9. The story for me was meh although im interested in seeing what happens next with t’chala II

  10. I’ll tell ya how it should’ve ended, it should’ve ended on the drawing board and never happened

  11. Because no one brung up how horribly Wakanda was loosing that end battle LOL

  12. CAn you make a video where you talk about story of how hishe got created call it the hishe documentary

  13. To be honest they blamed a child scientist for something she didn’t even know was going to be used without her knowledge and she didn’t even use it she just designed it and the government used it and should have addressed the government but talk to them about it and start it as negotiations for fair use and in a peaceful way a way his mother would wanted

  14. Shuri won’t want to take their problems to other people for help be it only shows that they are weak and can’t help themselves

  15. Love how the Talocan used Papyrus font when talking in reference to Avatar that’s cool

  16. But Why Namor speaks with Indian accent,
    instead of his Mexican accent?? You needed a Latino to dub Namor ): I know this is a parody but all the other voices were on point.

  17. I think one day AI is going to kill us all

    Chatgpt: no! no! why do you even think of that? that’s so weird..

  18. The pronunciation made me roll my eyes thinking that you guys didn’t bother to write the dialogue in maya and just made vaguely foreign-sounding noises. Then I heard “makachi” and had flashbacks of old ladies telling people to shut up.

    It doesn’t really sound like maya, but I applaud you for doing research.

  19. Wong is so sick of his joke. More than Fred is of the my leg joke in SpongeBob.

  20. I finished this movie 15 mins ago. And I kept thinking throughout, “Couldn’t you Doctor Strange this? Teleport Namor somewhere else?”

  21. NordVPN! Not YOU too!!! How much do you know about this company and its long-term intentions?!?
    Is money – and being a super-villain for it – the only cool thing left for comic-book nerds now?!?
    THE Beyonder

  22. You need another movie called: “how Black Panther: Wakanda Foverer” should started! With Re-cast T’challa!

  23. “Curse my tiny Speedo!!!”

    Also loved the cameo from Madisynn. We need more of her in the MCU. Maybe even her own series.

  24. 😂 It should have ended With black life matter Breaking into what kinda is still in all their stuff😂

  25. Regarding the Ultron thing that is what I thought of to when I saw the movie.

  26. This is hilarious. Well done as always. Please do hishes for the Shrek and Puss in Boots movies.

  27. Nobody is talking about how he would just flip upside down because wings on your feet would dis balance you.

  28. Honestly when they were like we need to find and kill the scientists so she stops making them, I mean they simply could off said “Hey why not talk to her and say don’t do it again or we’ll kill ya :)” and done

  29. That Nord VPN sponsorship message was remarkably entertaining. But if Nord VPN is turning 11, does that mean they get their first Pokémon today? Wait. Mystery gift? Oh yeah, it’s all coming together 😂

  30. Marvel destroying every superhero with artificially imposing feminism. The female actors were not matching the characters, especially the lady black panther.😂

  31. I hope that with T’Challa sons one of his struggles is having to deal with his fathers legacy and accepting the role of the black panther

  32. 3:51 She was literally impaled in that movie and powered out of it… She could’ve easily finished him off if she wanted to. Lol

  33. You Should Add Where Okeye Gets Her Rank Striped But Accidentally Kills Ramonda

  34. “AI isn’t like the movies, mother”
    Me, an intellectual: And not like that Japanese television show for children with a company president with a horrible sense of humor either.

  35. I’m glad someone pointed out Ultron LITERALLY CRASHED A FREAKING METEOR OF A CITY TO EARTH!!!!!

  36. Tbh. The queen could’ve literally gotten out of there and escaped. The explosion wasnt as sudden as civil war. They could’ve escaped or armored before he threw that bomb.

  37. Whats funnier is that wakanda was first mentioned by the avengers in Age of Ultron

  38. That really de-escalted then re-escalted quickly
    I was hoping for a merman cameo “water is the essence of wetness.”
    It is wild that Wakanda had no idea about Ultron almost bringing down the entire human civilization, they must be using Nord VPN

  39. Ramonda – I think that one day artificial intelligence is going to kill us all.
    Shuri – My A.I. isn’t like the movies, mother. It does exactly what I tell it to do.
    Ultron – Yeah, that never happens.
    James Spader is heavily reported to return as Ultron for the MCU’s Armor Wars film.

  40. This movie should’ve just been a series on Disney+. Then segue it into bringing in a recast for BP2 with Namor actually fighting T’Challa himself. They could’ve waited till 2024 to recast T’Challa, that’d have plenty of time for people to mourn and also write a MUCH more cohesive story for BP2.

  41. I’m glad that the queen of a can’t I did then died and nice do I have to say she died as well so Lionheart

  42. No! i will stay here and start menacingly @1:44 🤣😆😆😆😆 nailed it!…

  43. I havent seen the movie so not sure if HISHE made it like this or if it’s like this in the movie, but it looks like the bad guy and Suri had some chameostet or tension between like if the bad guy has a soft spot for her

  44. You guys are always a delight. Though seriously, the “AI isn’t like the movies” line underscores my suspicion that the modern writers haven’t actually watched the earlier phases of the MCU.

  45. People should learn not to complain to a movie with all black cast in it.
    Same to all white cast.
    Then we would all be happy.

  46. I was expecting that BATMAN’s phase “you wanna my secret identity”

  47. I always was wondering why he didn’t flew to the water after the ship crashed before fighting shuri or in the fight

  48. I’d rather watch the PINK panther, peter sellers version, not Steve Martin.

  49. the part where namor goes to new york and said his blade of grass line makes it clever funny

  50. A HISHE episode doesn’t feel right without Batman saying ‘because I’m Batman!’

  51. These are hilarious. Always. Lol 😂 Though, that wasn’t their entire army. You guys seriously don’t remember how many Wakandans they had show up just for the Avengers Infinity War battle? Lol she actually only took a portion of her army and her most trusted soldiers. The whole army of Wakanda wouldn’t fit on one ship. Lol

  52. Well, I’ll never see any more Marvel (or any other Disney movies), but it’s always a great pleasure to watch these HISHE videos. So, I guess in a weird way, I guess I’m glad the movies and shows exist so there will be more HISHE videos. Thanks for doing these.

  53. They knew where the scientist was the whole time. They just needed Wakandans there so they could pin the assassination on them.

  54. Duuuuude, that was mayan language Indeed!!! You deserve like a million likes!!

  55. They replace the actor of Batman all the time in new movies. I don’t get why they just don’t do that for the actor that died. Maybe they will reboot black panther just like they do with Spider-man.

  56. I kinda was hoping they would have introduced the Fantastic Four to save NYC.

  57. I liked the movie BUT the one issue that actually bugged me is this

    So Wakanda is where all the Vibranium is… so you’re telling me Namor started cracking that glass in the MAIN TOWER in Wakanda that the FUTURISTIC Wakandan building had no reenforcement? No Vibranium shield to cover the broken windows? I get not expecting a attack since they are in hiding majority of their lives but let’s be real if it’s the building the king and queen stay at it should be armored to the last bolt

    If anyone wants to give me their thoughts & opinions I’ll hear them out but that was my main issue

  58. They should have just recast T’Challa like Chadwick Boseman said. He specifically said for Marvel to recast In case he does.

  59. y’all are straight up FOOLS!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good stuff

  60. On the subject of the scene where Namor kills Ramonda with the water-bombs, I’m still shocked that the Wakandan royal palace 1) just has regular glass windows instead of some super durable transparent vibranium windows or something, or 2) doesn’t have those bunker blast type shields that come out and wrap around the building. Sure, I get that they don’t expect Wakanda to be invaded on a regular basis, but that’s where the royal family and council have all their meetings, it’s an important room. They should’ve known better.

  61. I guess I just learned a new way to say “Shut up” thanks to that funny scene with the blue skinned people XD

  62. Without Chadwick Boseman, the Wakandan characters had big shoes to fill. Namor feels like a carbon copy of Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman.

  63. My question is why didn’t the queen run what was she actually gonna do and didn’t the wakandans know about ultron bc vibranium was taken to make vision

  64. Wow . Normally, I don’t 100% agree with every single HISHE scene , but these legitimately would have been infinitely times better than what we got in the movie .

  65. The existence of this implies that I can indeed put my baby out on AO3, and I love it.

  66. Namor: We are the same people with the same problems, there is no reason we can’t help each other.

    Also Namor: 
    Murders anyone who is searching the oceans for Vibranium just for poking their noses where it does not belong. (Given how paranoid Namor and his people are, what are the chances he also murdered marine biologists who were just looking for fish instead of vibranium?)

    Has plans to destroy the surface world out of paranoia that they might discover his country. (Yeah, good luck with that when the Sorcerers and New Asgard exist)

    Trespasses on Wakandan territory to talk to Ramonda and Shuri, threatening war on their country If they do not help him kill the scientist who built the vibranium detector.
    Has his people attack Shuri, Okoye, and Riri out of nowhere when they seem to be already complying with his request to bring the scientist to him.
    Gives no indication to Wakanda that he brought Shuri with him on a diplomatic trip.
    When invading Wakanda, his people go out of their way to attack literally every civilian who likely had no idea that Talokia even exists.
    Kills a lot of Wakandans and their queen, then demands Wakanda to help him or be destroyed.
    His soldiers kill almost all of Wakanda’s army until he called them off after losing the duel with Shuri.

    For someone who claims to be reasonable, Namor seems to use violence as his first, last, and only resort.

    You can only kill so many innocent people until you go from anti-villain to just straight up villain.

    But I am sure people would forgive him because he is hot.

  67. Shuri dying is a good way to end this movie.
    Or, any movie really.
    I can’t stand that character.

  68. ohh. u pronounce urselves as “his – he” i always read it as “He – she”

  69. @ 03:42 to 03:54 – YES!! ⚖️
    Also, I dunno why they didn’t just committ to an alliance instead of dwindling their numbers even further (this is truly more even dire for the wakandan side which was still reeling from the combined effects of both the blip and the infinity wars) that was completely unnecessary! omfg 🤦🏾🤷🏾

    And why are you blue, bro? *abadee yabadaa*

    Madisynn with one Y and two N’s cameo tho! 🤣👌🏾

  70. Ik everyone doesn’t like BP without Chadwick
    But I think this is the best sendoff this movie could have given T’challa while being a movie itself. The conflict, struggles, the vulnerability, sound design, costume sets, the stakes and action (especially since the main character does anyone could have died), it was good
    It was bittersweet, and beautiful. It tells the story of a civil war of two of the most advanced nations in the world, yet at its heart, it’s a story about a girl coping with loss and grief, learning the consequences of responsibility and following his brother’s footsteps. It’s poetic and beautiful and I can’t believe people see this as a bad movie

  71. Lord Shiva is the supreme truth the ultimate reality
    don’t get attached to all this things let’s go deep into reality animals are going extinct ice is melting climate change is worsening there is no time to do all this let’s all get concious and act on it
    Jai shree Ram

  72. In all honesty these criticisms in the video aren’t even that bad really. Like the New York scene could be applied to every solo mcu movie at this point. Shows how great the movie is actually

  73. *Ultron coming in was truly amazing. I was literally even thinking of him when she said that in the movie

  74. To be fair, Ultron was created from an antediluvian mind nobody understood, and given an impossible task by a man who was consumed by fear. It was a receipe for disaster from the start.

  75. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. I wish you guys mocked how the Wakandan’s created two different “hi-tech” machines to stop Namor and his Army and it was drestroyed in 5 minutes.

  77. 4:22 It does to cartoons a lot and I mean ALOT. Cartoon Logic I love you Ultron!

  78. Seriously? Why race change namor to aztec? Really? Are you that creativelly bankrupt DC?

  79. You know what, panthers are already black. So why was he called Black Panther?

  80. I thought they would acknowledge how Namor’s plan to kill the scientist who invented the technology, though she was in no way involved with the application of said technology, made absolutely no sense.

  81. It’s sad you consistently put more thought into these stories, than the very people who were hired to write them.

    Good job.

  82. This was way more entertaining than the movie. I walked out of the theater. Great work and funny!

  83. Video wasn’t long enough, too many things to poke out and mock lol
    But I did love the part where the dude who’s as strong as Captain America (but with way less combat experience) beats the dude who’s as strong as the Hulk (but way smarter). Wicked writing!😆

    Also, literally beats him with a racial slur 😐

  84. suggesting to invade new york was the smartest idea ever 😂🤣 mirror dimension

  85. How It Really Should Have Ended: The same way Batgirl did. Cancellation.

  86. So much better written than the movie itself. I can destroy this movie with just one quote from Martin Freeman’s character: “well, if I do this, I could be fired, arrested, executed, or hauled off to a black site. But here, let me tell you the super classified information you wanted to know.” Also, why does Shuri feel obligated to keep Namor’s secret? Because they are both isolationist nations with the same national resource? There’s no reason not to tell the American Avengers to guard 1 college student and instead risk a diplomatic incident. And the weak sauce reasoning on why Shuri can’t kill Namor. T’Challa would definitely support lethal force in the midst of a war for his people’s survival. It’s probably the best way to guarantee the Atlanteans retreat- after all, they killed a god-king. But they offer this flimsy explanation so they can make Namor in future movies.

  87. Why would they build a boat and attack them at sea? Just build some high voltage emitters and drop them from the sky. Fight over lmao

  88. Hey HISHE. You could add Super Cafe with One Punch Man and My Hero Academic.

  89. I would have liked to have seen the Wakandans grilling fish and shrimp on the barbecue in stead of chicken and beef, seeing that they were just fighting seafood.

  90. You missed opportunity to literally show that they had a vibranium detector that nemar gave them that they could use to find out where Nemar and his people are just send a vibranium nuke to them literally they have the tech and are willing to use it

  91. Never watched the first one and won’t watch this one. Marvel gave up a long time ago.

  92. I love watching a blockbuster and knowing these guys will make a video about it so far in the future I forget what they’re referencing

  93. Ultron be like i never wanted to kill anyone. I just wanted to cleanse the impurities 😆

  94. I’m surprised there’s no scenario where the Avengers time travel
    to give Tchalla the psuedo Heart Shaped Herb.

  95. Omg, Madisynn (with 2 n’s, 1 y but not where you thiiink!) made an appearance. Love that for her😅😅

  96. huh I would have thought you’d make a scene where namor dives into the water to refresh himself after the ship exploded before fighting shuri or try to drag shuri into the water to drown her and be in a better position.

  97. Shuri: “Do you yield?”

  98. Namor should of died from not being able to breathe if we go of real life logic

  99. Glad they put in that Ultron reference, I said that in the theater. That part bothered me so much, especially since the events that took place in Sokovia were known worldwide, there’s literally an accord named after the events, tons of vibranium was used during it, there was no possible way Shuri should’ve said that

  100. The movie was quite bad. What really should have happened though is that Namor should have gone to jail.

  101. The main way that this video is better than the film is that there are no unnecessarily super-dark scenes where I can’t see any detail.

  102. “AI is not like in the movies”
    *brings up Ultron*

    Ohhh…oh yeah that-
    That DID happen like in the movies…. Oops.

  103. It’s not because of Chadwick , it’s just that they tried to make characters something they were not.

  104. This movie was so bad, woke, and derivative. No Siri has an AI that helps her like Tony Stark. Riri can build an IronMan suit and a power source strong enough to power it? Suri is so power and great that she can ignore the laws of physics and biology by still standing and attack Namor after getting speared through stomach and spine! Bestest movie ever!!!!!!!

  105. This script is brilliantly funny and amazing since Namor’s deal-off thing and straight kill Shuri would be exactly what he would do in Comic

  106. How Scarface Should Have Ended
    How Batman Should Have Ended (1989)
    How The Little Mermaid Should Have Ended (1989)
    How The Lost World Jurassic Park Should Have Ended
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    How Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania Should Have Ended

  107. Ok that thing with the dive suit is definitely something I didn’t get. The first scene had the connected to hoses for oxygen, power etc. Then they just work without all that stuff?

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