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Stoked to team up with JOBY and their Wavo PRO mic, check out this link to for more about the contest: Casey for JOBY: https://joby.com/us-en/casey-neistat-for-joby/

Wavo PRO mic used in this video (ive been using it exclusivly for about 6 months now, its fantastic) https://joby.com/us-en/wavo-pro-jb01715-bww/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=caseyforjoby

bendy tripod thing (the GorillaPod 5k) https://joby.com/us-en/gorillapod-5k-kit-jb01508-bww/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=caseyforjoby

full Wavo mic range – https://joby.com/us-en/microphones/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=caseyforjoby

the entire JOBY catalogue – https://joby.com/us-en/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=caseyforjoby

discount hook up – If you’re in the US, UK apply the CASEYXJOBY code for a FREE Mini GorillaPod on orders over 50$/£/€
in Germany, use CASEY4JOBY code on orders over €50 to snag a Mini GorillaPod for €1

music by Jeff kaale : https://jeffkaalemusic.com/

Pete – https://www.youtube.com/c/BlindSurfer



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  1. This was so good, thanks for posting 2 days in a row, I think you’re one of the generations best story tellers

  2. I’ve been watching Pete on TikTok for a while now. Great guy. Love seeing you sharing stories again Casey.

  3. If u see this coment tell him to maybe put a narrow pad in the middle of the board so the feet are centered , maybe its easy for balance .
    Good waves.

  4. So good to see you back on YouTube, Casey. This was a really inspiring story, thank you for sharing it!
    Waiting for your review for the iPhone 14 Pro: Dynamic Island / Cameras

  5. it is great to have you back Casey! Your youtube channel jus feels right when you’re back at NYC. it just fits.

  6. That smile, “good to be back on YouTube!” Love it!! Felt good to binge watch a few Casey Neistat movies!! ❤

  7. Wow, Pete is so inspiring! 😊👏🏻
    Also, thank god you’re back Casey. Great to see that you’re happy and your content is still absolutely stellar! 🤌🏻🙌🏻✨

  8. This blind advocate is a blessing to all blind people around the world, you are educating people about how ignorant and blind people that have 20/20 vision can be you are wonderful person and see far more than most, thank you and GOD BLESS

  9. I think I speak for 3500 people in the comments when I say… IT’S GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK ON YOUTUBE CASEY 🙏🏽🎉❤❤

  10. AWESOME 😎!!!
    Totally inspiring.
    You haven’t skipped a beat bro!
    Camera is looking better than ever!!!

  11. with all due respect, that wasnt a audio “review” more of an overview. Unless the meaning of review changed recently?

  12. Was the video on Pete’s channel about getting abandoned on the beach just YouTube drama. The dudes blind and Casey went off to deal with sponsors?!

  13. You must know Aitor Frantzesena ‘Gallo’. Basque blind surfer, two times world champion. He opened the first school of this sport at the national level in 1988 , in Zarautz. He was the first surf coach in the state, and his teaching method is still used today in almost all schools. Among others, he has trained Aritz Aranburu, Mario Azurza and Axier Muniain, and he is a former national selector. 😮

  14. Pete thank you for being such an inspiration and Casey thankyou for always having my back without you knowing. I caught my first fish today and this video as well as my lesson today, means a lot.. NEVER GIVE UP MO MATTER WHAT AND STRIVE FOR WHATEVER YOU WANT AND DESIRE.

  15. Like all my idols (who indirectly shaped my life), I wish to meet you one day.
    Thank you LEGEND.

  16. Basically NO EXCUSES if there is a will there is a way. Straight inspiration I’m on my way to record some content right now

  17. I’m sure you don’t read this… but if you do, what video resolution would you use to vlog using iPhone 13pro max?

  18. I really like watching your stories. I hope we’re going to see more of you and start sharing again. The community still misses you, Casey!

  19. Oh yeah man Casey is back! You made my childhood and my favorite videos are when you get on planes to do reviews. This channel makes me so nostalgic for some reason lol. Keep up the hard work! ❤

  20. London UK fan here. The psychological control you have over me Casey: that wink when you said your back in New York now 🤩🥳

  21. Im so happy i subscribed when I did. I found you with that video of you biking in NYC and crashing into shit on purpose to spite them and since then i watched a bunch of your content. When i found out you moved away from NYC 3 years ago and largely stopped making content I was pretty sad, but the Casey Neistat revival makes me very hopeful for the future and glad Im here!

  22. Your blog being back feels like connecting with an old friend. Feels like no time has passed and it’s just natural.

  23. Casey – all is right with the world 🌍 … now that you are back in NYC and making videos; full circle ⭕ !!! 😎

  24. Good to have you back on Youtube Casey. If you open a school or offer in person courses, let us know. It would be great to learn from you in person and in NYC.

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  26. Hey Casey!!! The big question now that your back in New York are you going to re acquire the other side of your studio again???

  27. casey being back on youtube feels like life might slowly put itself together. good to have you back!! 🙏🏽

  28. He got 1 millions subscribers because he is blind but he can see computer monitors and make videos.. not because he is a surfer…

  29. Thank you for introducing Pete to me. I will definitely check his channel out 💯 As a blind/visually impaired individual Knowing that there is a fellow blind person who is conquering the world as a content creator, film, voice over and more keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward. I aspire to become a successful content creator myself as well as a film/video editor. So again thank you l 💯🙏

  30. Love the story, love that Casey is back and OMG all the respect to Pete! But I would have loved to hear more about the story and less about Joby. That was like half advertisement, half story telling. Otherwise great as always!

  31. I found it sad that this kind of video has to have clickbaity title to get views.
    And vlog… After long time I was wishing YT has a Huge Like option.

  32. Woohoo feels like everything is back to normal in my life watching Casey in his natural habitat 🤩😍

  33. ✋ Ahemmm Mr. Neistat . . . I’ma gonna say this because it
    must be done . . . . *TWO YEARS* ?!? Come on mannn it took
    that long to share this beast of a human with US . . . *yer PEEPS* ?!

    I will forgive you cuz already been ova on SuperPete’s YT page
    and letting playlists run through non stop n’ catching up on this
    outstanding guy. I hope you talked to him about his foundation he
    is setting up n’ such cuzzzz you know people whom know people.
    ‘Jus sayin. I’ma out. {much luv}

  34. I actually recognize Pete from that blind story from the gym viral video . Crazy! What an inspirational dude. Welcome back to YouTube Casey! I Missed the Vlog

  35. Such a beautiful video, great storytelling and with so much respect for Pete. Having a blind brother myself made this video extra special and I have to say, blind people are built different and should get more respect for everything they do! ❤️

  36. Wait, since you’re back in NYC, does this mean ‘Tech Tuesday” returns? Has Dan ever finished the intro? IT’S BEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING (literally). All jokes aside, I’m glad you and your family are happily back in NYC.

  37. This made me want a headbutt my noggin into something brick and jagged. Maybe even metal and jagged. This really twisted my brain up! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😫😤😤😤🤢🤮🤢🥺😬😩

  38. Pete seems like a really cool guy to be around. Casey you rock putting Pete on your channel. 👍🏾

  39. it’s só good is my dreans what is your dreans my friend? one milions sibscribes too? thanks universe you is perfect open open my MID ❤️🎁🙏 ❤️🙏❤️

  40. I`m very very sad about JOBY. 😞 My second JOBY is broke again. I`m not a Casey Neistat that makes stress-tests with his devices. I`m a device-handsome user but the JOBY brokes everytime on the same part 😞

  41. Love that you’re back in NYC living your best life and making videos again! Stoked to keep watching more videos!

  42. Ele foi o cara que escalou um vulcão com o Will Smith? Naquele documentário da National Geographic?

  43. This has to be the best sponsored video ever – I suddenly feel the urge to buy another bendy breaky gorillapod to replace my old one that lasted two weeks.

  44. Your back in NY, Does that mean we getting Casey back on a daily vlog or weekly vlog? I do missed those awesome vlogs

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  46. “I just gotta learn how to listen.”

    Ok. I don’t know if he was intending to be profound with that statement, but it was incredible. Maybe I’m reading way too much into it, but it was awesome.

  47. 😭😭😭 we can’t enter the competition from New Zealand. We’d pay flights over if we won, does that help?! We use a Jobi tripod for one of our vlogging cameras but had a mishap with it when holding it by one arm and the whole arm fell off dropping the camera and damaging it – has this happened to anyone else before?

  48. Casey…. The Modern Goonie on YouTube is a fossil scuba diver. He dives black water and finds Megalodon teeth and mammoth bones. Super cool guy.

  49. Were worlds apart, but We both create and make things. I learn a lot about my creative process from watching your stuff.

    I think your absence from NYC and return will make these videos more electric.
    Ive never once considered living in NYC but it looks like so much fun to be there.

  50. Surfing….testing microphones and Vlogging with Casey. Basically the best day ever!!! Thanks Casey. I had a blast!

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