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How TMNT Out of the Shadows Should Have Ended

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How TMNT Out of the Shadows Should Have Ended

Clip from How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows Should Have Ended. Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Rafael take on Krang with their ninja weapons.

Watch the Full Episode Here: https://youtu.be/_ac8xKxeqzk

#animation #movie #tmnt

animated by @HowItShouldHaveEnded
guest voice @BlackNerdComedy
artwork by @otisframpton



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30 thoughts on “How TMNT Out of the Shadows Should Have Ended”
  1. I don’t get how they didn’t realise its by Michael Bay. He let optimus do so much worse.

  2. Mikey pulling out the assault rifle just gets me every time. And then the other stuff pointed out how much Michael Bay should not do kids movies

  3. Knowing about the Last Ronin, it makes sense Mikey would be the one to have a piece.

  4. Raphael is actually a defensive weapon, and it’s actually hard for it to be used offensively.

  5. You guys do realize that it’s a kids show originally right so for the live action they couldn’t be that violent. Shows a lot about people who just want violence.

  6. He woke up with murder on his mind. He pulled out the strap and said hey I’m going to break your spine

  7. Yeah this is for the kids

    Literally Hollywood and Disney over the last decade.

  8. Hello guys, I hope you are making a video for the ‘Secret Invasion’ series. I have an idea for you.

    ‘The garden’ was the retirement planet of Thanos, which is still empty and it’s atmosphere supports life. James Rhodes AKA War Machine, Captain Marvel and other avengers know about it and it can be a perfect big planet for the skrulls, but…

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