Chicken is the most popular poultry option; thereby it is produced and sold in enormous quantities. Although it is hard to get a spoiled one in the market or in a restaurant, you should know how to determine a chicken which has gone off. It is as easy as choosing the barber shops in Manhattan.

  1. Raw chicken

The color eventually fades to gray during the process of spoilage, whereas a fresh piece is pink. Yellow spots that are not skin also indicate the spoilage. The odor of the spoiled chicken is potent and mostly described as sour or sulfuric. A musty smell is a reason to discard it anyway. It is more difficult to define a bad one by touching it, though. If it retains the slimy feel after rinsing it (or it feels unusually sticky), better throw it away.

  1. Frozen chicken

A thick layer of ice, also known as the ice crust, is an utterly bad sign. Freezer burns are also a bad sign. You will recognize them as the white rashes, which are rougher than the skin. Although freezer burns are not dangerous, the chicken won’t be enjoyable. It is harder to check a frozen one by the color, but you can tell right away that it belongs to the rubbish bin in case it is gray or darker.

  1. Cooked chicken

Spices and seasonings won’t mask the odor of rotten eggs or sulfur, which is a sign of spoilage. If there is no color changing marinade, the cooked chicken must be white in the cut. It is not safe to eat a gray one. You will a gone off chicken by tasting it. If it tastes obviously “off” or has a smack of sourness, spit it out.

Don’t forget to check the “sell by” date in the market and make sure the chicken was stored properly. It should be stored in potty airtight containers.