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Hunger Games HISHE – the careers and the tree #movie #animation #funny

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Hunger Games HISHE – the careers and the tree #movie #animation #funny

A Bonus Scene from How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended.



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30 thoughts on “Hunger Games HISHE – the careers and the tree #movie #animation #funny”
  1. I find it interesting that I’ve never once played World of Warcraft, in fact I was too young to even understand it, but even I recognize Frostmourne.

  2. “Should we worry about that Tracker Jacker nest?”
    “Nah it’s up there with Katnis, it’s fine.”

  3. This is like Horror Flick Logic here.
    Totally bogus, makes you feel smart watching it transpire and happy that these people are not your friends. 😂

  4. What happened to this version of Hishe. I miss this version were practicality was said out loud and mocked.

  5. I like how Katniss stayed quiet the entire time, like she knows if she says anything it might cause the fools below to actually think of something that makes sense

  6. I was just scrolling in my subscribe feed, and paused going “why is he holding Frostmourne?”
    So I had to click 😂

  7. Here we see to forms of logic.
    Normal logic. Doing things the smart way

    Movie logic. Making the dumbest decisions possible. So movie can movie.

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