• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023


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I Was At Trumps Arraignment, It Was Insane

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I Was At Trumps Arraignment, It Was Insane

funny impersonator at the beginning of the video is this guy – https://www.tiktok.com/@jasonscoopcomedy?_t=8bGC9rRixx8&_r=1

Music by Gurty Beats – https://www.gurtybeats.com/

Hunter – https://www.instagram.com/hunter_weiss/



DK EXPRESSIONS™ Founder / Editor / International Photographer / Social Media Management / Content Creator. Avid Lover of Sport / Music / Gaming / All things Entertainment. Easy Going / Motivated a 100% Positive Thinker always looking to make new connections.

100 thoughts on “I Was At Trumps Arraignment, It Was Insane”
  1. NY governor appears to be announcing a redesign of penn train station. I think a video showcase of its current situation would be a nice video.

  2. Dude, Klepper cameo!? And a first name basis? Rad. I love both your guys’ videos.

  3. Casey what’s your out look on it. I kinda don’t know if I want to unfollow you. Cause I kinda think you want him to be arrested?

  4. Damn shame, the court has no case against him, our freedoms are being stripped and fucked with

  5. Bro love your vids as always, but I STILL DON”T KNOW HOW you get away with flying a drone in NYC? lol

  6. Pretty Fair Coverage, good job Casey…very unbiased.

    Sorta Sad to see American’s screaming at each other across the way…

  7. 1:21 into the video is it me or does officer Simon look like comedian Mark Normand…I mean he lives in NYC

  8. Watching all of the protesters in this video really gives you a snapshot of America. It is shameful and scary. Both sides of the fence are embarrassing.

  9. its funny how distracted America is right now. YOUR DOLLAR IS GOING IN THE SHITTER😂. You can’t just sanction countries anymore now that they got their own currency

  10. A felony you have to prove it and STORMY Daniels the prostitute porn star lol, how about we talk Hunter Biden and the 16 year olds the stolen laptop, pay offs the the CCP/PLA and your corrupt f b i and ohh yes crack cocaine

  11. that guy on the bike seriously no respect for the cops, no wonder NY and LA are going down the Stube, they Police have had all their power taken as they have to be nice to everyone

  12. American Polotics are a joke and complete Circus most of the people with power are too out of touch with those working making ends meet just barely, this is a waste of time that could have been spent better IMO by implementing prison reform such as freeing people convicted on non-violent, non-sexual crimes and instead paying fines, or community service/manufacturing jobs.

  13. Can someone please make a documentary about the Naked Cowboy? He was top of my list to visit in NYC.
    I would but I can’t get a US work visa and know nothing about film making.

  14. All I can sate is equal treatment, Hunter Biden Needs his day in court.
    We could have 2 history making cases. time will tell.

  15. Doesn’t even matter who the next president is. America is finished. It’s bankrupt, corrupt, ultra divided and banging on hells door. It will be indistinguishable from Venezuela in less than 10 years. You Americans are in for a hell of a ride. Buckle up.

  16. Bro your story of true separation is something everyone needs to see! It’s too far right and too far right *smh* needs to be reset

  17. you were there, like actually watching history unfold. No you didn’t get “The shot” but you were still there capturing the sentiment of a divided America and that’s what counts.

  18. Hopefully this will be the first of MANY prosecutions of stinkin’ Traitor Tot!

  19. It’s going to work out as well as impeaching him did. The media is controlled by the fascist democrat party, and they are trying to silence their opposition.

  20. feels alot like Ghostbusters 2. Must be the goo from sewers making everyone mad.

  21. Как здорово что Кейси вернулся, хоть кто-то внушает позитив и постоянство

  22. I walked 3 miles from my school after School that day because it’s my spring break and I saw that haha

  23. Don’t worry, he’s not going to be arraigned because he’s still the sitting president BTS. It’s all a setup for a trap to stage the next event that will be unfolding to arrest the swamp=former presidents who committed TREASONIST/Criminal acts against Children & WE THE PPL. FULL DISCLOSURE will be happening & not all the sleeping mass truly knows what’s been going on since 2020 WW shutdown, bcuz that was the beginning of the arrests by military/galactics-ET guardians to rtn in the endtimes, for the criminals & draconian reptilian minions hurting children undergrd. But ppl refuse to see the subtle hints/evidence now abt pedophilia w/in our govt/media/entertainment-churches.

  24. This is all a distraction so we don’t look at the blood on our hands from the weapons we’re sending overseas.

    American made weapons are RIGHT NOW killing someone’s mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, aunt, uncle…whole fuqn families…but this!!! is what we focus on.

    I’m ashamed that my fellow Americans are so EASILY manipulated, and bloodthirsty.

  25. Calling yourself “left” or “right” is exactly the same thing as calling yourself brainwashed.

  26. You ever talk to someone that swears wrestling is real? These people ride the same bus.

  27. You didn’t miss anything Casey. You got the real shots of what this man brought to America, DIVISION 😢

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