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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – How It Should Have Ended

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – How It Should Have Ended

How Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Should Have Ended
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Written By: Tina Alexander, Daniel Baxter, Chris Oldenburg

Brock Baker@brockbaker
Daniel Baxter@SimpleCap
Tina Alexander

Artists and Animators:
Ruben DeLuna https://rubendeluna.com
Daniel Koss https://kossarts.com
Christian Flores https://linktr.ee/cfloresdesign
#indianajones #movie #animation

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86 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – How It Should Have Ended”
  1. This was a little better than Barbie, but something still feels wrong, it just wasn’t very funny. Did you guys lose a writer?

  2. Where is Indie’s son? Is that lady (Elena?) his daughter?

    Please don’t tell me his son gender identitied himself into a lady.

  3. You guys have a mountain of a task ahead of you with each new Hollywood release–trying to come up with ways to make relatable HISHEs for movies that almost nobody went to see in the first place.

  4. I feel like HISHE is slacking off .. first a sucky Barbie and now this. The quality has really dropped.. very disappointing

  5. I thought he would’ve used to bring his son back or something but I guess the dial only take them to this specific time or something,idk they weren’t clear about that

  6. The final part with Indians Jones wishing to say a cheap quip was great! It somehow felt in character too.

  7. Hey there people at HISHE so I was wondering if you can do the fans a favor and make a HISHE of that new super dope and popular movie TMNT MUTANT MAYHEM and include all the fun and funny ways it could go and include villans like Cynthia utrom and Superfly and the other mutants in the villans pub and also put the turtles in the heros Cafe also with the other mutants Please for the fans

  8. Is it me, or has these last two movies completely forgotten that Indy has drunk from the Holy Grail in The Last Crusade

  9. The ideal Hishe is that if the producers didn’t make the film in the first place. 🤣♥️🇵🇭

  10. Indy should have used the dial of destiny to go back in time to keep Elena from forcing herself into the plot and from him becoming a side character in his own movie

  11. Here’s a bright idea: How about we *don’t* try to milk a really old franchise that was only popular when the lead actor was young enough to realistically survive all the action he had to go through?

  12. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones bring gun to sword fight
    Dial of Destiny:Indiana Jones brings whip to gun fight
    Surely Old age has gotten poor Indiana Jones

  13. I’d love it if you could do a How it Should have Ended on movies from other countries like Audition (Japanese horror movie) or Dead Sushi (low budget Japanese horror comedy) or maybe How it Should have Ended on found footage films like The Blair Witch Project.

  14. Not having seen the abomination of this movie, I didn’t get any of it really…but the “no ticket” was great.

  15. And people used to say that the 4-th movie was the weakest 😀 I hate that they killed off Mutt and also they didn’t connect it in any way to the TV series where we have the old Indy and his daughter and grandchildren.

  16. So…just going to skip over the part where Indy was knocked out, and dragged back to the future against his will? Not even going to poke fun at how Indy wasn’t even the main “protagonist” in his own film, nor how the ending tries to set up the female protagonist as the next “Indy”?? Really???

  17. I wished Short Round would make a cameo in this movie and here. But we don’t get what we want most of the time.

  18. Dial of Destiny is so good. Light years better than Crystal Skull. Thanks for making a HISHE!

  19. Well unlike the theater experience I had, I didn’t need to use the bathroom during the whole runtime.

  20. The villain getting brutally hit and being fine bothered me. Like, you can hear the crunch in the theater. I thought the plot would be that he used the dial to save himself. Like, if he immediately woke up 25 years in the future. That would explain why no one knew who he was, even though the CIA would have known exactly who he is. If you’re going to have a magical time travel macguffin, why not have it time travel to the beginning of the movie?

  21. Hi Hishe 2 Things 1. I loved ❤️ this video it was amazing 🤩 and your show it is amazing great work 🎉 you and your people have made this video make more of them and I have been waiting for this for weeks and 2. That scene when Indiana Jones and the horse were in the subway Indiana and the horse didn’t stop when they were on the other track they kept on going until they made it to safety and when they part ways when Indiana escaped on the subway train at the last second and when the horse got returned back to the police that is a good horse that Indiana ride on to escape from the bad guys at the parade. P.S may your show live forever and ever from one of your biggest fans 😉.

  22. While it was cliche and sometimes boring, I’d say it’s the second best movie I’ve seen this year after guardians. Even better than ATSV honestly

  23. forgot to watch the movie … oh wait … no … i just cant watch a movie that is now also woke.

  24. You didn’t include that you can’t punch a 80 yo man in the head, drag him home, leave him unconscious for a week then expect him to wake up with no neuro-deficiencies.

  25. I’m disappointed you didn’t simply animate the ending of the last crusade for how it should have ended 😋

  26. I do wonder what they were thinking making this film.

    It felt as if people who hated Indy were doing it.

  27. Shame that the animation can’t replicate the bottom of the uncanny valley where the young Indy CGI lies outside of the “you sound old” offhand mention

  28. But we all know how Indiana Jones should have ended was with Indy, his dad, and his friends riding off into the sunset!

  29. On behalf of all Hiche fans:
    Thank you Hiche for making incredible content! I have loved your videos from the very beginning and hope you all are well. Thank you for supporting your fans and movies and for being so awesome! ❤

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