I arrived at 8 pm having been told that J Cole will be on round 9 pm.

Well where do I begin to describe this J COLE event? Let me start with saying that I found the Ticketing / Entrance setup rather dismal, as it took me almost 30 min to get from the VIP Parking which was situated right by Entrance 3 to where I had to be at Entrance 2.

My ticket would not scan at any other gate but the one it stated on the ticket and when you have thousands of people all trying to gain access at the same point it can become a big mess.

People pushing and shoving one another, people walking in all directions making it difficult to move through. Just no control at all.

Ticketpro Dome should just stick to the way that Big Concerts has it in regards to men and women split up at the entrances and not like last night with everyone everywhere.

So I got a few shots of the outside area where they had the Beer Garden, Food Stalls, a Castle Lite Bus as well as a little cinema before going in.

Once inside I had my Media and Media Pit Armband so it was then easy for me to move around the venue as I needed.

Then I went into the Dome and made my way to the Hospitality Suit which had comfortable couches for people to sit on and let me not forget to mention about the private bars and complimentary food on offer.

There were 4 Big Screens hanging from the roof so you could see the performers on the stage at all times which I thought was a great idea because from the Mezzanine level the performers look like ants on a massive stage.

I made my way down to the Golden Circle Area to try gain access to the so called Pit Area only to be told once there that the Pit Area had been cancelled due to fans pushing over the barriers.

Now that is a crap one because if you didn’t bring a long lens then shooting from F.O.H is pointless, but luck is on my side as I use a 16mm-300mm Tamron Lens which is an ok size from that distance.

The Staging, Lighting and Effects were on point with amazing lasers and stunning colour lights to give the stage one awesome look. I cant say much about the Sound System as I found it rather difficult to hear all our local performers vocals clearly due to the heavy Bass, but when J Cole came onto stage you could hear him as clear as rain on a tin roof.

I am still trying to figure out what went wrong because J Cole only came on stage after 22:00 pm and it seemed to me as the technicians were having issues with the lights etc because they kept on coming on and off every few seconds.

J Cole and Castle Lite sure did Unlock a spectacular show, I mean J Cole has a really good stage presence the way he moves about the stage and interacting with the 20,000 strong crowd.

His fans were singing along or should I say rapping along to his songs word for word.

All in All I give this event a 6/10 purely on the awesome ‪#‎CastleLiteUnlocks‬ concept, stage, lighting and of course the Artists for their great performances both local and international.

Photo’s and Review Written by Dale DK Kopping

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