You know its going to be a Good Weekend when on a  Friday afternoon one of your clients decides to have a gift sent to your office.

There I was sitting in my office planning the schedule of events to come when a package arrives at the door. It was a plain black gym bag (I haven’t been to gym in a while) that doesn’t look very special until you turn it around and see the name that is printed on it. Yes, you guessed it, it says JABRA.

I open the bag and find the following items inside of it.

1 Yellow JABRA water bottle  

1 Yellow JABRA mini cooler bag

1 Yellow JABRA face cloth

1 Box containing Sport Wireless Headset

1 Comfortable Arm Pouch for a Phone, iPod etc

whilst you train 

1 White Bag containing a number of different ear piece molds – just in case you have funny sized or shaped ears

 These JABRA Sport Headsets are designed to fit snug on your head and ears and believe it or not they actually stay in place on your ears and on your head while training or in my case having a run to the shops and back, now I must say that  these are a well designed pair of headphones.

Thanks SMAC for this gift they are truly an awesome product from JABRA and it is a pity for me, because my Gym Crazy brother has quickly adopted them as his own and he rants and raves about them everyday whilst he is in the gym.

These babies retail at a RRP of  R 1 600,00


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