When I received a call from James Morrison PR requesting, that I schedule a James Morrison interview via phone, it made me excited and nervous.

Why excited & nervous you ask?

Well that’s because I’ve never done a phone interview before, but agreed and accepted the schedule anyway.

I then received an email with James Morrison UK mobile number to which I was scheduled to call.

Now I became a bit worried as to how I was going to do that because the international charges would be massive.

I thought let me add his number to my phone contacts and I’ll make a plan somehow.

Later that evening whilst chatting to my brother on Whatsapp about this interview and asking him, how he conducts his interviews, he says he uses Skype mainly and records that way.

Well that didn’t help me. I then took a chance and looked at my Whatsapp contacts and there it was.

James Morrison mobile number on my phone.

I couldn’t believe it.

Thought maybe it was a fake number because his Profile pic looks like this

James Morrison Interview

James being dolled up by his daughter

So I sent a message on Whatsapp introducing myself and confirming with them of the James Morrison Interview taking place the next day.

No double tick…. I waited and waited and began to think that maybe this is only an interview number.

The next morning I was in a state because now I had to conduct a James Morrison Interview over the phone and I have nothing on my phone to record it. I downloaded a couple of apps (all useless) and none worked.

At about 11am I remembered my brother had an Audio Recorder so I went through to his house and collected it.

When I got home I prepped my area made sure it was quiet enough and rang James Morrison on +44 1830 52 (You’ll never know the rest sorry).

Now I was a bit of a moron because I called James up and when he answered I forgot to push record, so I missed recording the first 5 min.

What happened in those 5 min will forever be engraved into my head as James Morrison is the most down to earth, humble and awesome guy / Artist I’ve ever had the pleasure in interviewing.

Here is a brief outline of what I didn’t record

James Morrison answered the phone and I introduced myself. 

Mentioned this was my first time doing a phone interview.

He commented “don’t worry mate, you got this.”

Then I had to ask him about the profile pic as I thought maybe it was a joke and the wrong number, to which James replies “that’s a little makeup my daughter put on my face mate and then she took a selfie and now its my profile pic.”

I laughed, he laughed, and then James says “But mate you’ wouldn’t believe that my daughter then shared that pic with my Whatsapp friends, how embarrassing, but I love it.”

Then before publishing this interview I had some technical issues with the recording and it was placed on hold.

I was then asked if I would like to have a second interview, I immediately said yes please, and we scheduled a second day and time to conduct a second interview. It went well.

Just after the second interview had finished, I managed to resolve the issues from the first interview and decided to combine both interviews into one

30 min interview

So why not click play below and take a listen.

James Morrison Interview – DK Expressions”.

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