So I think it be the right thing if I start right at the beginning because not only was this show performed by a LEGEND and an Excellent production by Big Concerts, with superb sound quality, amazing lighting but what I had planned for the evening made it LEGENDARY.

You probably wondering what am I talking about? Well for those who know me would already know that I proposed #OnOneKnee to my girlfriend Robyn Bress.  I’m going to tell you exactly how my day/night unfolded.

It started the day before the show when I contacted the Big Concerts Publicist Dionne Domyan and asked if she knew when John Legend would be performing the track “ALL OF ME” because I was planning on popping the question during that song and being an accredited photographer I was hoping that the song was not scheduled to be performed within the first 3 songs, as that is the only time we get approval to take photos. Dionne told me it was the last song on his set list so that made it all that much easier to propose.

The only problem with that was the fact that we had to stay right to the very end and I don’t usually stay to the end of any show because I hate the traffic when leaving, but for this I was prepared.

On the day of the show I took Robyn to work and acted like nothing special was going to happen. Now I had 2 of my late mothers diamond rings which I was going to use, but the one ring more so than the other. It was round 5 pm when I fetched Robyn to go to the John Legend concert and I was dressed in a suit. The first thing Robyn says to me is, Why are you in a suit? to which I reply, just in case I meet the Legend? Robyn thinks nothing of it and we drive to Northgate Dome. Now while we sitting in traffic I ask her to please play some JL tracks and I want her to really listen to the words, still Robyn thinks nothing of it.

About an hour or so passes and we finally arrive at the Dome where we meet up with the guys from Rite Studios. Yes they know my plan because I wanted them to take some photos of me during the proposal. We then meet up with Dionne and the other Media people and got ready to go in and shoot. We all walk in and I say my good byes to Robyn and that I’ll see her after the first 3 songs.

Time passes and instead of Robyn sitting on her own we have her come and join us where we will be shooting from. After we have done our photos the guys from Rite Studios and I go to the car to leave our gear except they bring their camera back. We meet up with Robyn and now we are sitting in the stands at the top. John Legend performs his songs, the lighting and sound were perfect and we all watched the show. Robyn loving the show and John‘s performance as was I but I had seen him once before when he first came to SA and I was just waiting for “All of MeJohn then gets up and walks off the stage and at this point I start crapping in my pants because I have told people I’m proposing and now he has left the stage. People start to get up and walk out and at that point so does Robyn. I grab her hand and tell her to sit down it’s not over.

The crowd start yelling we want more and 2 minutes later JL walks back on stage and starts “All of Me“. Now Robyn was sitting on the chair at the end and I passed her my drink and asked her to please put it down beside her. As soon as she grabs my drink and turns her head away from me I grab the ring from my pocket and get #OnOneKnee. Robyn turns to me, confused why I’m #OnOneKnee and I ask her to marry me and show her the ring. Well #SheSaidYes gives me a huge kiss and hug and we didn’t even notice that John Legend had finished his show and walked off whilst we embraced.

It was when they turned the lights on that we realized the show was over. We are officially engaged to be married and start to make our way out of the Dome towards our car. Robyn in all her excitement posted on social media the life event that just took place and the comments and congratulations started to pour in.

So a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Big Concerts, The Publicity Workshop and of course JOHN LEGEND for providing me with the most amazing setting for a Marriage Proposal.

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