1. Right washing habits

According to NY barbers, good hair maintenance starts in the shower. You should develop proper washing routine to keep your hair clean and avoid over-washing at the same time. Everyday shampooing is a bad habit, which will eventually lead to dehydration, so wash your hair every other day.


  1. Good hydration level

Healthy hair means hydrated hair, that’s why you should do your best to ensure rich hydration. There are many ways to maintain an optimal moisture balance of your hair. Regular conditioning is one of the most efficient and available options for good moisturizing, so condition each time you shampoo!


  1. Strong heat protection

Proper hair maintenance includes wise usage of heated tools. According to NY barbers, thermal protection is the most important rule when working with heat. High-quality protectant creates a strong barrier between your hair and tool, eliminating the possibility of heat damage, so don’t ignore it.


  1. Timely care of ends

Ends of our hair are extremely susceptible to damage, which can cause more serious hair problems. You can prevent them by regular visits to your favorite barbershop. Timely maintenance of your ends helps to avoid split ends, breakage, and other nasty problems, so don’t forget to trim your ends!


  1. Good hair products

You should avoid bad hair products, which contain harsh chemicals, detergents, alcohols, etc. These ingredients can undermine health of your hair, so stay away from them. Give preference to products made of natural ingredients, and your hair will appreciate it.


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