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 kfc soundbite All Night
Cool Prince AKA All Night


The second KFC Soundbite Live Performance event which was held in Pretoria was epic! Eight of the hottest chart toppers got the opportunity to give media and music lovers a live show.


A dope Soundbite artist by the name Cool Prince won the title of “Best SoundBite live performance artist” for the night. He will be performing at a New Year’s Day event in Cape Town where he’ll go head to head with Melissa Raw (title winner from the Johannesburg event) and a third artist who is yet to be announced.

The event was headlined by

Nasty C,

Shane Eagle,


Reason and a surprise performance from Slikour.





Siyabonga Metane aka ‘Slikour’ is a rapper-turned-businessman.

He started out his music career performing a genre that was not mainstream at the time.

This made it difficult for him and his group to break into the entertainment industry,

but his love for music drove him to master his craft making him one of the most respected hip hop artists in South Africa.

He wants to pass down his knowledge and encourage all artists on the KFC Soundbite chart to make full use of the platform to drive their music career.

People are trying to get to know you and hear your story, so you have the responsibility to showcase your world in the most honest possible way and delivery is key.” – Slikour

5 Tips from Slikour

1.Always have data / access to Wi-Fi – this is your best resource
2.Be conscious of opportunities that digital platforms and social media can open for you
3.Be your own hype man, promote your craft and make moving up the chart the hottest news
4.Monitor feedback from all your platforms and engage with it, then improve
5.Repeat all 4 steps





Siyabonga closed off the KFC Soundbite 2017 with

Some of the biggest stars have taken 10 years to be where they are today. A music career is not a quick fix – you always have to put in more than what you get out.


kfc soundbite



kfc soundbite Balele
Nelz, Rise FM


kfc soundbite Umoyo
Mo-Hale, Rise FM


kfc soundbite Chomu ya bana
Eddie Matlou, Lesedi FM


kfc soundbite Bow'kuphi
Oyena, Capricorn FM



Issued by: Jacqui-Nicole Teixeira
Public Relations Practitioner
DK Expressions


By Jacqui-Nicole Teixeira

Jacqui-Nicole Teixeira moved to Pretoria from Portugal. She is currently in her 3rd year studying Public Relations with the IIE at Varsity College, flight attending at EPT. Passionate about sport, events and travelling.

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