Jesse Suntele & Thabo Mafisa

STIMOROL AMBASSADORS Jesse Suntele & Thabo Mafisa

#DKEXP had the opportunity to meet with the newly appointed Stimorol Ambassadors and asked them a series of questions that get up close and personal with both Jesse Suntele & Thabo Mafisa.

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Jessie, Dale, Thabo

Tell me briefly about yourselves?

Jesse: I’m a model and an actor. My passion is in the music industry. I’ve been acting and modelling for about 3 years now since I moved to Joburg from Bloemfontein.

Thabo: Well me as a person, I’m very sociable. I like meeting new people. So when this opportunity came along it was quite easy for me to make it a part of my lifestyle because I do go out and socialize and just sharing the refreshing habits of Stimorol is something that’s very close to me. I’m always trying to inspire people, trying to get them to be their best selves. So being given a platform where I can actually share what I feel about picking up good habits just made sense.


Tell me about the Stimorol brand & it’s Refreshing Habits campaigns?

Jesse: The Refreshing Habits Campaign is all about getting South Africans to pick up the Refreshing Habits of Chewing Stimorol Gum. Why? Well an interesting thing I learnt about chewing gum is that often chew gum for things like bad breath and for oral health. Many people don’t realize that chewing gum releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel happy.

Thabo: The refreshing Habits campaign, it’s one of those where it’s encouraging people to be the best version of themselves. It’s not often that a company or a brand will want the best out of everybody instead of just trying to sell themselves or their product. They want you to pick up refreshing habits that will make your life better. Instead of over eating, chew your way to a healthier way of life, little by little. If you feel good it’s easier to do well.

Make sure you’ve got your Stimorol nearby – you’re going to want a piece after watching this, Fam! Are we right?

Posted by Stimorol SA on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What are your funny bad habits?

Jesse: My funniest bad habit is every time somebody falls, I’m pretty much guaranteed to laugh… I can’t help it.

Thabo: Mine has always been eating straight out of the fridge. My mom used to always shout from her room to try and stop me. So now, I pop out a gum every time I get the urge to gobble down a Vienna.




What’s the best thing about being a Stimorol Ambassador?

Jesse: Unlimited gum, and the opportunity to network with great people. See new places and most of all spread the positivity of chewing gum.

Thabo: The best part was the fact that I was able to find my cousin that we lost when he was a year old. While people were trying to vote for me he saw my name and surname and then he added me on Facebook. He then later on sent me a message saying “Thabo, do you know a guy by the name of Andrew Mafisa, because that’s my uncle?”

I responded “Yes, I know him”. He went through my Facebook pictures, took pictures of my uncle, and showed them to his mother and his mother said: ”Yes, that’s your dad”. So now we’ve reconnected with them, and started hanging out with them – for me so far that has been the best moment for me.

What’s your favourite flavour of gum?

Jesse: Stimorol Infinity Tropical, its flavour just never quits! The gum literally makes my mouth water. The other flavours are cool but I love that one. I love all the flavours in the brand but you know how you find one that is your best and that’s what you like the most, that’s Stimorol Tropical.

Thabo: I say mine has to be Stimorol Wild Cherry flavour. It is awesome and so is the smell of it – nice and fruity. If you’re going out with someone, have them chew some Wild Cherry, you’ll never forget that kiss!

Thabo Mafisa

Thabo Mafisa

Where can we find out more about where you will be?

Jesse: Whatever we’re doing and whatever we’re up to will be driven from both our personal pages and also the Stimorol page.

Thabo: You can check out my Facebook and Twitter. You can also go to the Stimorol SA Facebook page. Everything that we’ll be doing will be posted in real time, and it’s also nice that we’ll be getting feedback from the people who are on this journey with us.

Stimorol AdvertWatching the new Stimorol advert, we can almost taste the refreshing habit! Can you?

Posted by Stimorol SA on Thursday, 15 October 2015

What made you decide to enter?

Jesse: The opportunity. It looked like a great opportunity to be associated with a great brand.

Thabo: When the brief came through and I was putting my boy Jesse forward I thought “This is so me though” but then again I’m not a model or actor. So at first I was a bit self-conscious and I remembered something that Sashi Naidoo told me which is: “Your greatest asset is being yourself”.

Did you think you’d win?

Jesse: That’s a good question. I did for a long time. When the competition started, but then as the numbers grew smaller and smaller, and it became closer and closer. Then I wasn’t so sure. I had my doubts. Some days I was like “How can I not win?” Some days I was like: ”Dude, you’re not going to win this.”. Well I met the Stimorol team face to face. That convinced them. In the end it turned out okay.

Thabo: You know, I was at this point where I was 3rd, then I was 2nd, then I was 3rd again. At one point I was 100 likes behind, then I did like a whole campaign by myself. Calling friends calling everybody I know. It taught me that all I’ve got to do is focus, work hard, and I can do anything for myself.

What did you do before becoming a Stimorol Ambassador?

Jesse: What I do is I model and act more than anything. It pays the bills. I love the entertainment industry as a whole.

Thabo: I run my own small modelling agency.

What does being a Stimorol Ambassador mean to you?

Jesse: It means representing a brand that believes in the same things I believe in. Also, it’s an interesting fact that Stimorol is the biggest selling chewing gum in the country. Representing a brand that knows what it means, and what it takes to be a leader in their field. That means that I can learn a lot from them as we collaborate and take the refreshing habits campaign to the greatest heights!

Thabo: Stimorol giving this opportunity to me means the world. Apart from the incentives of the competition,It’s getting to work with the people I work with. The people you get to meet along the way, the people that you get you interact with. Also working with JesseJesse’s my boy! Seeing Jesse do well in life makes me so proud.


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