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Life Lessons from my 46 Year Old Wife

Life Lessons from my 46 Year Old Wife

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180 thoughts on “Life Lessons from my 46 Year Old Wife”
  1. Anyone else assume the camcorder videos were from like 10 years ago the first part of the video 😂

  2. I’m so grateful to be close in age to Casey and Candice. Even after watching them for years, it still hits in the feels just how perfectly they capture the Zeitgeist of our generation exactly as we’re experiencing it.

    Life is so rich!

  3. Marriage is hard. Known my husband since we were 14/15. 22 years later. married for 9 and 2 kids. Life is hard but we power through together.

  4. I’ve been watching y’all for years. And let me say it is so beautiful where y’all have ended up. I will forever watch your videos as a movie of the dream life I wish to have one day. Wishing y’all all the love in the world

  5. 46 was fabulous!! DO NOT THINK OR FOCUS on that life is downhill from 40’s or you will live within that narrow lens. Living in the present is way underrated. Funding a good therapist is way underrated. Love the interview style of this video.

  6. Maybe I’m lucky but after 27 years of marriage (27 years yesterday as it happens) I can honestly say marriage is easy.

  7. I’ve been watching you for a decade plus now. I’m 54. Candace is still beautiful and I would never guess she is 46. You guys are doing life right.

  8. That typo in one of the title screens made me feel good. Knowing Casey makes mistakes just like us

  9. Casey you and Candace are a power couple… These questions really are questions we should ask of and “listen” to from our spouses. Thanks for demonstrating real commitment.

  10. Casey, those transitions between shots with the video lagging behind were so good. Keep adding to you and your wife’s life book. There’s so much more to live!

  11. that feeling that you get when you know a new casey neistat video is soon going to be a casey neistat classic

  12. Candice is so beautiful nowadays.

    P.S, Casey, you had created and complimented humanity’s pursuit of work-hussele and achievement values.
    Maybe now that you’re rediscovering life’s gifts and deep meaning in just being present with your loved ones, you can one day share it, and help other humans progress too.


  14. I think I love Candice even more now. Im 28 and feel the same as she used to feel. Its sort of comforting to hear her talking about how she sees it now.

  15. I just don’t get the whole not wanting to say one’s age with women. I’m a women who just turned 47 this past Dec, and am totally proud I made it this far. I’ll shout it from the rooftops “47 & PROUD!”

  16. “Before it was about the anticipation and now it’s about the reflection.” Wow.

  17. She is so interesting and thoughtful and deep.

    You’re a lucky man to have met her Casey, and a strong one for having put in the work to be able to stay together this long the way you two do.

    Love from Italy.

  18. Candice looks really young. I’d even go one further and say that my 23yo neighbour reminds me of her. She looks great!

  19. It’s just amazing how creators sweat on composition, colour grading, drone shots and that whilst you just pull out a camcorder and get this shit done so well. Pure ❤

  20. I loved this! Thanks Candice. And also, you look EXACTLY the same. I was confused by the throw backs, I thought they were the same trip. Car Candice was better though – the 20 years of wisdom makes you better ❤

  21. As you get older (late 40’s, 50’s) .. time becomes the most important thing on your mind! Your mortality comes into full focus! It’s crazy the things I used to worry about in my 20’s don’t even show up as a blip on my radar right now! 🤣

  22. It’s always a pleasure when you upload Casey. Thank you for everything you show and showed us.

  23. I guess the real life lesson here is to find yourself a 46-year-old wife who’s aging like fine wine and giving you deep, honest answers. Cheers to that!

  24. love reading the comments and seeing the different phases of life, im 19 feeling like i gotta take over the world but this kind of helped put me in my place

  25. I’m 33 & I’ve started to wonder about the limited time I might have with my loved ones. Makes me tear up

  26. I bet she popped the question. Do you think I need therapy ?!?
    When you got better help to sponsor this video.

  27. Being in a hot tub on the beach in the rain with someone I love sounds like a perfect getaway

  28. God Casey, the little things you do go a LLLLOOOONNNNGGG way. That little clip of the camcorder was perfection!

  29. This is so wholesome and real, thank you Candice and Casey! Cheers to many more wholesome years of togetherness! 🙂

  30. Thank you Candice for sharing – really lovely to see how you’re evolving. – and thanks Casey for showing up to help make YouTube normal again.

  31. 🥤🤓🍿 I’ll be 46 this year as well, I also wonder how many years I got left to spend with family.

  32. Loved seeing Candice speak Spanish! She has nice pronunciation. I hope she keeps practicing!

  33. She groomed Casey since he was a kid.. and people that like them.. like groomers of children. FACT.

  34. Actually I already gave a tumps up for the video before I watched it. When Candice is in, I am in. Love this woman 😍

  35. i feel like this video was a therapy session i needed. Having Candice in these videos is really comforting,

  36. I am so happy that you finally visited my country 🇩🇴
    It is a bit sad that it rained a lot but hopefully you have the chance to come back 🙏

  37. I love Casey but this is too much of a reality check and sad video to watch . when I calm down and is ready to accept it then I’ll come back to this video but I love how they find time for each other and prioritize marriage and the bond they have over anything . love you Casey!!!!!

  38. Can we please get under the influence documentary? I have been waiting for it since the first review!

  39. Man, this is really good. Thank you Casey and Candice. I’m 37 with four kids and definitely processing these same feelings and realities.

  40. its funny to me that Candice feels like asking her age is rude. Especially when I listen to her talk about how established she is. My thoughts are, is it actually rude to ask women (like Candice) their age? Or is it just a culture thing?

  41. I love Candice, she’s just a great human being, so down to earth and humbled. This video just shows such a lovable charm she has and she’s unapologetic about being herself! You’re a lucky man Casey, and she’s a lucky woman too. 😊

  42. Casey shooting with a potato and still making an epic video is just too good. Skill trumps gear any time.

  43. Casey… Your editing slacked on this one, as it had several glitches & spelling errors. Must be the lost of practice🤷🏼‍♀️ Nevertheless, Great Upload. 1:52 (one of the glitches)

  44. I didn’t know Candace was close to my age (50). Loved this interview… it’s true that life gets sweeter. More Candace insight content!

  45. Great to see a new video!! Being 41 I’m in the same place right now and Candice’s answers summed up everything I’ve been feeling the past few years. We all need more Casey therapy!!!

  46. I am 28 and I have been feeling about life like her since the last 10 years. Also, she is an incredibly beautiful human 🤌🏻✨

  47. Casey, were you really being a good listener throughout the making of the video? Tell me how did you control your emotion.

  48. 10+ years ago, I accidentally clicked on a video of a guy who uploaded a video about a car he was selling. I found it really smart & entertaining and even though he only had a couple of videos, I immediately subscribed to his small channel. Now he has 12,6 million subs, which is more than the population of my own country…. It is insane what Casey has accomplished…

  49. When you’re young, you live to make memories. When you’re old, you live off memories you’ve made. This has stuck with me since the day I heard it from a wise older man.

  50. Best thing after my wife gave birth to our first child. Absolutely love the video and message 😊

  51. I hope Candace knows its not just entertainment for people watching Casey’s videos,people get value from any advice,comment,thought,opinion,statement shared by Candace,her knowledge is of interest & is helpful to people,Casey had a positive impact in peoples lives threw his content,its a shame he doesn’t want to continue to make content,

  52. I am 38 and I am starting to gain my health back for the first time
    In almost 25 years.. I feel like I missed so so so much.. but also like I still have a lot in front of me.. still I’m afraid to get sick again.. no sense in worrying.. let’s make the best of the time we have.

  53. Candice is like a bottle of red wine just gets better and better and bettttterrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I´m selfish, but we need you more often. Dam your videos are always fantastic, and the ones talking openly and honestly with Candice are always a great life lessons. Thanks for these little moments. Best content on youtube.

  55. Jeez, what a great video. A little ode to your wife and amazing bond you share. Being reflective and growth from that Is for me the biggest achievement of getting older and I like it. Cherish what you have Casey, it shows like it is amazing and pure. I miss that and I am happy to see that it is out there ❤

  56. I’m 46 too! I think the same way, feeling like you’re at a mental tipping point. It’s weird

  57. I’m at a turning point in my life. Separated from my wife. Failed business. Starting school again for a new career. This video is so timely. Thank you Casey.

  58. *EPIC FAIL*
    Still can’t fathom why any parent who gives a shit about their kid’s future would not use a seat-belt.
    Losers. Period. End-of-story.

  59. Finally we get to hear from the middle class white American women. The most oppressed people.

  60. Love the video Casey! It really puts things into perspective for someone who’s 23. Been watching for over 10 years and this film really felt like some of your older films that you made before the daily vlogs. Can we get a new studio tour soon? Also I’m super interested in that screen/speaker setup you made on your desk. Love and blessings to you and your family!

  61. Amazing video but when are we gunna get a video showing the new layout of the office

  62. i feel like these two have the weirdest relationship dynamic i’ve ever seen. take these life lessons with a grain of salt.

  63. I’m glad you made this, as someone in their 20s who feels like this everyday, I think it’s comforting to know it’s normal to feel like this. Espically with the rise of social media and the way the world is right now economically and emotionally in all sorts of markets, it eases my mind to know that everyone else felt or is feeling like this. Thanks Casey ❤️🫡

  64. So, according to her, the best thing life has to offer is: kids and reflecting back on your younger days when you were adventurous? Kind of a depressing video. Hope I never get old.

  65. @anadeliz479
    0 seconds ago
    As a 26yo who constantly dreads what my life could or could not end up looking like when Im 36, let alone 46 – thank you, thank you Candice, for your candidness

  66. Honestly, the most total promo Casey video I have seen. A complete video about Better Help? Great organization BTW. Oh, and yes, even though this felt like a promo vid, Casey still rocks.

  67. Having a one and half year old that’s just starting to put sentences together, 1:50 hits hard

  68. They are millionaires, probably billionaires, and they don’t have enough free time to have more than one holiday per year together?

  69. Candice centered videos are always my favorites. I aspire to be more like her when I “grow up”

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