SONY ATV presents:

SEVVEN, Ashlinn Gray and Charlie Finch at The Good Luck Bar

The music landscape is forever changing and artists are expected to evolve. With this in mind, SEVVEN and Ashlinn Gray have been hard at work, not only improving their craft, but trying to pin-point exactly how to translate their music onto stage to create the best experience for the audience.
Music, though no longer the valuable commodity it once was, continues to play an important part in peoples’ lives. It is a form of entertainment, relaxation – an escape from the world around us.
According to Amercian musician and music pioneer David Byrne “before recording technology existed, you could not separate music from its social context. You couldn’t take it home, copy it or sell it.”
We are now witnessing a complete 360 in the evolution of music. Because music is so readily available, we find a shift in focus back to the live performance, the adrenaline of watching an artist live on stage, recreating a piece of art that’s unique and memorable to the moment. These days, making music means establishing a brand and selling your brand to the public.
Live performance is the way forward for musicians to stay relevant in this ever-changing landscape. In order to do so, artists will need to up their game, finding new and interesting ways of showcasing their work. And this is exactly what SEVVEN and Ashlinn Gray will attempt to do with their newly rendered live shows.
The aforementioned artists are of the belief that a portion of monies made from their artistry needs to be put back into their craft, not only through recordings, but their live performance as well, of which very few artists in the country are currently doing.
Why? Because the indsutry has become tolerable to mediocre performances.
The team have put together an epic full band live show, featuring top class equipment, full stage lighting and projectors, taking things to a new level in South Africa.
SEVVEN and Ashlinn Gray, together with Charlie Finch, are ready to showcase their live performance to the public and are bound to knock you off your feet.

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