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New Afrikaans show on Wednesdays get louder with Musiek Musiek
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 at 8PM

History will be made on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 at 8PM when launches its first ever Afrikaans music magazine show, Musiek Musiek. The show is an exciting and insightful ride through the talent-filled and passionate Afrikaans music scene, presented by two exciting presenters in the beautiful Tina Meissenheimer and the enigmatic Eagan Williamson.

From left: Eagan Williamson and Tina Meissenheimer.

musiek musiek

Everything that is hot in the Afrikaans music scene will be featured and explored in Musiek Musiek.  Viewers can also expect a sneak peek into how a music video is made and enjoy interviews with the hottest artists on the scene. Arno Carstens and Van Coke Kartel, among others, will be featured in the very first episode that will air on 10 September 2014. There will also be a Golden Oldies segment giving viewers some midweek nostalgia in the form of classic music videos. 

Produced by Media World, Musiek Musiek promises to deliver what has been missing on your weekly schedule, an Afrikaans lifestyle magazine show that showcases the best music in South Africa. Media World have produced many world-class and international productions including TourismBIZ, AgriTV and Wildlife Diary

According to Managing Director, Monde Twala the channel is proud to launch the very first Afrikaans music magazine show on the channel. “This is all part of an ongoing effort to ensure that we service our diverse audience base and ensure we remain the entertainment destination of choice for all South Africans. There is something for everyone in Musiek Musiek right from the golden oldies to the latest and cutting edge youth music. Kuier saam met ons vir a bietjie pret en plesier.”

Tina Meissenheimer chats with in-studio guests who will share their knowledge of the music industry and the stories that led to their own success. Eagan Williamson gives us the hot gossip on what is happening in the Afrikaans music industry with the latest news, releases and live events featuring the biggest Afrikaans artists.

“This is my first television appearance as a presenter of a brand new show and I am ecstatic. Having Musiek Musiek on is also super exciting. Other than the amazing entertainment it will offer, it will also be a great experience for me,” said show presenter Tina Meissenheimer. Field reporter, Eagan Williamson is extremely excited about the show appearing on “I am honoured to be a part of such an amazing new project for, especially since it is their first Afrikaans show. I honestly believe that all South Africans will enjoy the show tremendously and that the Afrikaans music industry would welcome Musiek Musiek into their homes and their hearts.” says Eagan.  

Tina Meissenheimer

22 year-old Tina Meissenheimer personifies radiance on screen having being featured in soap operas such as Katryn and Maansfaktor. Her on-screen appearances also extend to films such as When I Was A Young Boy alongside Christo Davids and Brendt Wayne. Having completed her studies with ElsabeDaneel (Acting school) Tina’s academic achievements have shone in her TV and radio experience.

Eagan Williamson

No stranger to the small screen, Eagan Williamson has already accomplished so much in his illustrious career. Having appeared on Glitterati and Tonge Los, viewers will immediately recognize the spark that Eagan possesses. His appearances on the series Cass Se Kombuis and the documentary Diep Spore have shown that Eagan’s versatile acting and presenting skills are something to be admired by the industry.

Viewers can also get involved with the show with an exciting competition that will be taking place where they will be enticed to post a video of themselves impersonating their favourite Afrikaans artist.

Viewers can also watch Musiek Musiek in HD on the HD channel (channel 104) on OpenView HD. OpenView HD is available at leading retail stores.

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