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My New Career as a Male Model and Professional Skateboarder

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My New Career as a Male Model and Professional Skateboarder

watch the actual commercial – https://youtu.be/LvJcxA3jpJI?si=_J3D_00jmZeCurd9

music by Jeff Kaale – https://linktr.ee/jeffkaale_



DK EXPRESSIONS™ Founder / Editor / International Photographer / Social Media Management / Content Creator. Avid Lover of Sport / Music / Gaming / All things Entertainment. Easy Going / Motivated a 100% Positive Thinker always looking to make new connections.

314 thoughts on “My New Career as a Male Model and Professional Skateboarder”
  1. I was not sure what to expect with this one, but I love it! Well put together video.

  2. That’s fantastic! Starting a new career as a male model and professional skateboarder sounds like an exciting and dynamic journey. Here are a few tips and considerations that might help you navigate your new ventures:

    For Male Modeling:
    Portfolio: Build a strong and diverse portfolio showcasing your versatility and different looks.
    Networking: Connect with photographers, agencies, and other models to expand your professional network.
    Training: Consider taking modeling classes or workshops to improve your skills and learn about the industry.
    Agency Representation: If possible, seek representation from reputable modeling agencies to enhance your opportunities.
    For Professional Skateboarding:
    Skill Development: Continuously work on improving your skateboarding skills through practice and training.
    Competitions: Participate in skateboarding competitions to gain exposure and build your reputation within the skateboarding community.
    Sponsorships: Seek sponsorships from skateboarding brands to support your career and gain access to resources.
    Social Media Presence: Utilize social media platforms to showcase your skateboarding skills and engage with the skateboarding community.
    General Advice:
    Balance: Find a healthy balance between your modeling and skateboarding commitments.
    Branding: Develop a personal brand that reflects both your modeling and skateboarding personas.
    Stay Authentic: Be true to yourself and your passions, as authenticity resonates with audiences.
    Remember that success in both modeling and skateboarding often requires dedication, perseverance, and a positive attitude. It’s crucial to enjoy the journey and celebrate small victories along the way. Best of luck with your new career path! If you have specific questions or need more tailored advice, feel free to askI subscribed to your channel – I’m waiting on my YouTube channel. I live in Belgium. I am a pensioner.

  3. Lululemon have a troublesome history with how being black is off-brand in their stores. Google it.. Good for you but I prefer never to use this brand. And would be great if you research the companies you decide to partner with.

  4. can’t believe I’m looking at the man I used to love so much and feel nothing. I feel nothing at this point. sad af man

  5. Casey has inspired me to just Document things you Love and show them in your own unique Way to the World. A simple task such as looking outside the window or having dinner can be memorable if shown in the right way.

  6. Big fan, inpsiring video , and its nice to see my city in your video – and I love all the HORRIBILY ILLEGAL drone shots you took downtown in a strict No-fly zone.

  7. I was just like “Oh I miss that youtuber” and was surching everywhere for Casey, because I forgot his name 😵 Found Casey again! Hahah Missed your videos!

  8. Those pants are like 130 euros… No wonder they need Casey to promote them! 😀 Seem really nice tho! As soon as I’m done with my mortgage I will definitely get a pair.

  9. Am i not the only one wondering how this company recognised it was their shirt just from a plain black shirt

  10. The way this video was filmed was so genius. You’re so good at what you do, Casey!! Happy for you and all your accomplishments!

  11. your whole take on david is seriously disappointing. thanks for coming out as a rape apologist, and proving you only care about selfish personal gain.

  12. You are not professional model or skateboarder. Just because they wanted someone doesn’t mean you’re professional. And nobody at day one is professional. It takes years to be a professional. Sorry 🤡

  13. This is one of the best videos I’ve watched on YouTube in months. You really feel a connection with Casey during these videos.

  14. How cool he is, I mean look at the shots, the transitions, his goofiness, and then he comes and say things like “who says no to a free haircut” 😂😂😂 I mean how not love this guy

  15. Appreciate the multiple angles and multiple devices! keep up the great work ya pro athlete.

  16. That was a beautiful video!! You are so awesome and why I bought a boosted board and Onewheel.

  17. Casey, I’m a filmmaker in Vancouver. I made it to the Tribeca Film Festival a couple years ago. Let me know when you’re coming back to town mate 🎥🤙🏽

  18. Time to get your ass off the chair and get out and make some vlogs again. 🙂 Even if you’ve done everything before, you haven’t done this day before so it won’t be the same. So get up and get started. missing some good content. 😁💪

  19. This man has worked his A$$ off for years and has achieved many cool things. Such a fan!

  20. Talk about being arab and oppressed and getting bombed every day by a top 10 military like the last video u talked about

  21. What tripod was that you are using? Also, I did your online film school. It was really good.

  22. The most impressive thing about this video is that Casey found 3 black in Vancouver on his first day. That usually takes most people months 1:40

  23. My thoughts as a hotel worker: 2:50 so that’s why it always sounds like a jungle gym upstairs from the lobby. 3:06 wtf what a *weird* toilet to window ratio. Also 5:21 STOP IT.

  24. Love that you geeked out about this….I geeked out about you when I first saw the commercial.

  25. Кейси – это супер! Благодаря тебе я начал заниматься бегом в 43 года. Ждем lululemon в России.

  26. You just inspired me, to go back to being vegan again, after quitting five years ago. Happy holidays sir!

  27. Спасибо! Скажите, а как сделать съемку сверху?

  28. You are so inspirational blogger! Much love from legally blind artist in Los Angeles! ❤❤❤❤❤

  29. I’m Dying! Great accomplishments! Good to have your amazing sense of humor in a video. Missed this!

  30. everybody so friendly because you are a star, and they will kiss you ax just to be able to appear in your videos

  31. I seriously live in my lululemon pants! Sculpt yoga everyday and it’s amazing!!! I wish lululemon sees this! Casey your skills are beyond!!!! Props to the guy holding camera and filming you!

  32. Unfortunate after 10 years of subscribing I have unsubscribe as you support the murder of innocent children.

  33. Hope you enjoyed my city! Sorry about the rain… that happens here
    Such a fun story to watch! Thanks for being awesome!

  34. It’s like Casey never moved out of NYC. He comes back and instantly fits right back in.

  35. I actually saw the commercial before i saw this video. I was sitting in my recliner and yelled out to my wife!! That’s Casey in that commercial!! Thank goodness for DVR so i could watch it again. Congratulations Casey!!

  36. More to the point how did he film on the plane did he just put the pole up or did he ask everyone

  37. Bravo et félicitations Casey, de toute façon tu est un professionnel dans tout ce que tu entreprend 👍

  38. Just love everything about Casey. He’s such a great and genuine guy. Smart and brilliant too!!!

  39. Good gosh, Casey is so friggin good that every video make me want to vomit! I hate you Casey!

  40. I for one am shocked this was your first visit to Vancouver. Did you need to apply for any additional licensing to capture your drone footage? LLL couldn’t convince Gretzky to rip his pant off? Last question: Why male models?

  41. Anybody noticed the cockroach on the table next to the screen while plying the ad? New pet ?

  42. one question : how much did you get paid for it ? including your image on the store signs.

  43. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to run one of the worlds best place to run! The Stanley Park Seawall easily is one of the most beautiful places to run in the world. Hope you return to Vancouver and enjoy running the Seawall!

  44. Casey you look so happy for getting yourself on a commercial when you already have the world’s attention and more people in the world have watched your videos than the commercial will ever be watched! Anyways congrats for the new title!

  45. Nice Casey ! You Did It ! We Did It! It Feels Like We All Won On This One ! 👍🏻

  46. One of THE best storytellers on Youtube. I love Mortal Kombat video on Instagram. That was excellent.

  47. What I think is very cool, is you genuinely seem very jazzed to have been called all these things and then have your photograph on the display where the pants are😂

  48. Such a great video thank you Casey! This was maybe even better than your old videos. I hope there will be lots more to come.

  49. I don’t know that I’ve ever commented on a video but idk I really liked this one for some reason.

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    Let’s come together as a community and make a difference. If you can spare a few dollars or even share this message, you’ll be contributing to a cause that aims to inspire, educate, and entertain. Together, we can make this dream come true. Thank you for your kindness and support

  51. His shots have improved so much. He was already so good, but the last year I think he started incorporating new shots and angles and its looks refreshing, nice job!

  52. I saw this a week ago on the Monday night football game and I jumped out of my chair a yelled It’s Casey!!! My wife looked at me and said Who is Casey and I looked at her and said sorry honey you would not understand… LOL

  53. I love watching your transitions and thinking thru the work you did to create those.

  54. so we’re ignoring that He had a (dead?) roaches lying on his desk? btw great video as usual!

  55. Thanks for inviting me into your world for a bit. Love the new “stuff” in the video. Love you and all that you are!

  56. This is great, I was watching TV the other day and I was like I swear I just saw Casey on TV 🤣

  57. You sleep with shoes on? 😲 very nice film, inspiring. I should try such editing for my channel

  58. Only because it’s so nice, does anyone know the black fleece cardigan Casey’s wearing in this vid (around 4mins in)?

  59. This man is so multitalented, it slipped by mind he skate board. But hey Casey welcome to Canada 🇨🇦 ❤

  60. Back in NYC this December for a few weeks and the dream is to meet this guy….cool AF! Videos are absolute quality! (From Belfast)

  61. Fun fact! Skip! Mr LuLu himself sold me a pair of bike shorts at the 1st store, only employee, workin cash! AND He used to walk by my place with his kid and say hey. What a great guy! Did you know he started Chip and Pepper for all you old surf dudes?😁🤘☺️🙏🇨🇦

  62. I am just in aww at all these amazing shots he able to accomplish. I so curious on his he does it.

  63. everytime i love casey videos there are just amazing … i wonder if he continues to upload video regularly

  64. Casey doing happy Casey things on his boosted board with his Casey glasses and making a Casey vlog about being Casey for a day is so… Casey (the model and pro athlete.) And it made me feel happy. And that’s a big deal for me currently. Thanks Casey.

  65. I always wondered what pov ballon’s carried by Casey looked like now I know ♥️♥️♥️

  66. Fantastic story telling. Casey! We miss your scheduled uploads. But we’re always happy when you drop us another gem. 😄

  67. Please don’t disrespect skateboarders again. You aren’t a professional skateboarder. You don’t do tricks or compete in competitions

  68. Congratulations brother I have been following you for over 10 years now I can’t over paying You Tube monthly payment so I’m using my friend account 😂. I’m Anwar Alomaisi

  69. My favourite part was the camera man on the hoverboard/uniwheel thing filming Casey 😮

  70. its crazy because i saw you in the ad while i was at the gym a few weeks ago and i was like.. no way they got casey in the commercial. i was wondering if you were ever going to talk about it lol

  71. Was super fun working & one-wheeling along side you Casey! You’ve been an inspiration for a long time so to film you was a dream come true! Great video as always! (I’m the guy on the onewheel at 7:26 )

  72. I so wanted to see you in Vancouver. If only there was a way to meet you here in Vancouver. Aah missed my chance 😢

  73. I can’t bring myself into watching your videos after what you’ve done in the Gaza War and how you kept endorsing killing of children. You lost all of my respect.

  74. That’s not true. I ordered one on pre-order and have been riding one since.. over 3k miles on it. And still going strong. Only had to replace the belts a couple times.

  75. I’m a huge fan but his carbon footprint is wild, damned. Flying one day to Vancouver and back.

  76. Tbh bet this vlog is more successful for reaching the men’s audience for lulu than any other way

  77. The wholesomeness of Casey being as excited as a kid on Christmas at the thought of being a model 🥹
    Also didn’t think for a SECOND that he wouldn’t bring his camera during the shoot and not film any of it 😂😂

  78. Some times it’s the small things right. Congrats on the brand modelling and bringing us on the journey

  79. “Professional Skateboarder” implies something a little bit different and it’s already taken by Aaron Kyro 😉

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