I am writing to you in desperation. The funds we applied for, to the Lottery, in April 2013, have not materialised.


We have managed to remain afloat for 2013 and 2014, but now we are in dire straits.  In fact (to mix our metaphors) we are on our last legs, and may be forced to stop all activities and retrench our staff.


I am hoping there is some way you or your organisation are able to help.


No other organisation in Johannesburg, or even in Gauteng, does as much for children’s theatre as NCT. Last year we gave away R600 000 worth of tickets to schools, orphanages, children’s home, old age homes, schools for the hearing impaired …. These audiences would never otherwise have had the opportunity to experience professional theatre. And 20% of our workshoppers come free of charge.


We have planned a very busy and exciting year ahead – should we have the funding! I also have a few other ideas to implement. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE FUNDING! With no funding we are in danger of closing. And that would be a tragedy.


Here are 4 ways you can help us create new friends and sponsors, who see the theatre as a vital resource to stimulate and educate young South Africans for the 21st century.


  1.         Can you make a donation to the theatre? We are opening a R1m new Annual Fund, to help secure the financial future for this and future generations.


  1.         Do you work for a company that would sponsor the theatre or a production (such as Heidi or Oliver Twist or Hairspray)? We are looking for show sponsors, who see educating children as part of their brand’s social responsibility.


  1.         Do you have government, commercial or social connections who could help support the theatre? We need many talents, social media, fundraising, research, consulting and are always looking to make new friends. It’s fun work, too!


  1.         Do you have time to help us fundraise? We are looking for fundraisers, to help drive this magically important cause.


Without your help and sponsor support, the NCT will go dark and risk losing all our tremendous achievements. Please let me know how you can help NCT fulfil our mission of transforming lives through theatre.


Kind regards

Moira Katz

CEO National Children’s Theatre

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