Blow drying seems to be a harmless procedure, which can’t damage our precious hair. Nevertheless, heat can do a lot of harm, so here is how you can avoid it:

  1. Avoid drying right away

Many women make a mistake of reaching for the hair dryer right after the shower when their locks are soaking wet. According to experts at New York Hair Salon, your hair should be slightly damp, so let it dry naturally or work with a towel first. It will help to reduce the exposure to heat and keep your locks safe!

  1. Use thermal protectant

Thermal protection is a must each time you expose your hair to heat, and blow drying is not an exception. Skipping this step means putting your locks at risk of serious damage, which is impossible to fix. Develop a habit of using heat protection because your hair’s health depends on it.

  1. Don’t mess with heat

If your blow dryer has heat settings, then you should definitely use them. Many women ignore the step of picking the right temperature and expose their locks to extreme heat. Unless you have very thick hair, you should always work with a low or middle heat setting for your hair’s own good!

  1. Working with a chunk

Working with the whole chunk of hair is extremely uncomfortable and inefficient. Experts at New York Hair Salon recommend sectioning your hair into a few parts depending on its thickness. Start working with the sections near your face and crown because they are the most visible, thus needing your precise attention!

Follow these simple tips for blow drying your hair without damage!

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