Lucky to have curly hair and want to maintain it properly? Learn how to take care of your curls in natural and healthy ways.


  1. Provide with conditioning

If you want to maintain curly hair properly, then you should never ditch your conditioner. According to experts at Prestige Beauty Salon, regular conditioning provides rich nourishment and hydration, which are vital for curly hair. Condition each time you shampoo and have deep conditioning treatments once a week.


  1. Detangle in a proper way

Owners of curly hair are aware of challenges, which occur during a detangling process. There are a few tricks, which will make your life much easier. The first rule of a proper detangling: use your fingers or comb instead of a brush. The second rule: never comb curly hair when it’s dry because your curls will turn into a mess.


  1. Ensure good hydration

According to experts at Prestige Beauty Salon, curly hair is extremely thirsty for moisture, that’s why you should hydrate it very well. You can purchase products designed for dry hair, treat your locks with hydrating masks, or use a leave-in conditioner, which seals in moisture (whatever works best for you).


  1. Solve nasty frizzy problem

Frizz is a very common problem, and owners of curly hair experience this phenomenon firsthand. As we’ve already mentioned, curly hair is prone to dryness, which is the main reason of frizz. In order to combat frizz, you should moisturize your locks properly and avoid dehydration!


  1. Minimize exposure to heat

Heated tools pose a threat to your hair because they can cause dryness and even thermal damage. Try to limit exposure to heat and wear your hair naturally. Moreover, do you really need to use heated appliances? Mother nature blessed you with beautiful curls, and you should appreciate this amazing gift.


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