Rapid Auto Fire (RAF)


Roll Away The Stone

as the first single

from their debut album

In From The Outside.

Roll Away The Stone encompasses that classic Soft Rock sound with hook driven guitar riffs, great lyrics and an easy feeling that leaves you knowing Rock is alive and well in SA. 

“Roll Away the Stone is about growing apart in a relationship allowing those involved to continue to fulfil themselves once the relationship has ended,” comments frontman and guitarist, Jonathan Gunn.

“I had three pieces of music that I really liked but I couldn’t find a way to use them as individual songs. Eventually I managed to put the three pieces together. The initial riff I wrote on the farm in the Karoo, it’s a place I go to to write music, ride bikes and chill out. It’s quite an emotional piece of music that has a lot of resonance to what was going on in my relationship at the time. Roll Away The Stone seemed like a good colourful phrase that described how I was feeling at the time.”


From left to right: Derek Krijger, Jonathan Gunn and Mo’ Archer

Watch the music video for Roll Away The Stone:


Based in Knysna, RAF has been crafting their Rock sound for the past 7 years and comprises of Gunn (who founded the acclaimed band Karoo in the Nineties which went on to record two albums (Sticks and Stones and Serendipity and toured Canada) on vocals and guitar; Derek Krijger (drums & vocals) and John (Mo’) Archer (bass & vocals).

So how did the name RAF come about?

Says Mo Archer: “As most people know the RAF stands for the UK’s Royal Air Force. We liked the abbreviation but wanted it to stand for something else. We decided on Rapid Auto Fire which describes the firing order in a V8 engine. It also says something about our stage performances.”

In From The Outside is the debut album from RAF and was released in November 2014. It features adult contemporary songs such as Roll Away The Stone and Freefalling to heavy rock numbers like One On One, Killers, Fire Up The Automobile, Love Slave and Evil Eye;  alternative rock in the Girl On A Train and acoustic pop in Words. There’s a jazz feel to Lies, a country beat to Kinda Late For The Train; Crazy Valentine has a punk feel while there’s a touch of the blues in Help and Lust For Life and funk in Reason Of Being.

Explains Gunn: “We wanted to capture an idea in its entirety within each song – vocal wise, guitar wise and mood wise. For example Killers is about a female vampire who hitchhikes a lift with a guy and turns him into a vampire. Then they’re off on a bloodthirsty road trip… Fire up the Automobile is about a possessed car which takes its inspiration from the Stephen King movie Christine. Evil Eye is based on the movie: The Book of Eli about a post-apocalyptic world Words is a song that describes, in a gentle way, how someone apologises for not being able to commit to the relationship. It’s intimate and poignant and will resonate with people listening to it.”

In From The Outside is available on SA iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/in-from-the-outside/id931519597


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