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Friday 10 February 2017 – Red Bull TV is proud to announce the launch of a selection of shows about passionate artists, emerging talents, and future changing producers.


Music Creators is an inspiring lineup on Red Bull TV, designed for music lovers, seasoned musicians and aspiring producers wanting to understand how music works, how it’s created and how the minds behind some of the world’s most successful music tick.


The lineup features seven shows that tap into the minds of the world’s top producers, giving insights on what it takes to create tracks of timeless production quality, with development tips in between.


From Grammy Award winner Om’Mas Keith, to Terri Hooley – the Godfather of Punk, the emotional Story of Rapper Charles Hamilton, the development of game music and more, you can stream Hashtags, Diggin in the Carts, Revolution on Air, Terri Hooley – the Godfather of Punk, The Junction and Om’mas Keith Across the Board on Red Bull TV until the 16th February 2017.



HASHTAGS – A series about internet-fuelled music.  Season 2 takes a look at the new wave of current and burgeoning online music subcultures that are taking over the internet and the social contexts that have spawned them. Without the web, these weird and wonderful subcultures would not exist

THE NOTE – Explore the secret history of music. From found sound to lost revolutionaries, discover the people, events, and technology that changed lives and continue to shape the future.

DIGGIN IN THE CARTS – The faces of Japan’s most influential video game music composers are brought to the forefront in this exclusive documentary. Meet the men and women who inspired an entire generation while creating what is arguably Japan’s biggest musical export. REVOLUTION ON AIR – This celebration of the golden era of New York radio documents a time when DJs were a driving force in hip hop music, and radio was at the center of music fans’ attention.

TERRI HOOLEY – GODFATHER OF PUNK – Terri Hooley first opened his record store and label, Good Vibrations, in the 1970s. Since then, he’s been the man driving the punk revolution in Belfast, United Kingdom, and bringing punk bands from his beloved city to the international stage.

THE JUNCTION – Award-winning animators team up with some of Canada’s hottest musicians to tell the stories of the funny, imaginative, and unexpected ways musicians create together. Each story explores a chance encounter that led to the making of some amazing music.

OM’MAS KEITH ACROSS THE BOARD – The story of Grammy Award winner Om’Mas Keith’s journey to become one of today’s most in-demand producers. From a humble Queens upbringing studying avant-garde jazz, he now collaborates with Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, John Legend, and more.

LET IT PLAY – FAULTLINES Rapper Charles Hamilton seemed to have it all after landing a million dollar record deal – but a combination of misfortune and circumstance ripped it away. This is his story of survival and redemption, both creatively and emotionally.

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