Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man 2017 

cosmo sexiest man 2017

I recently attended the Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man competition for 2017 which was held at the very upmarket Madison Avenue venue in Rivonia.

It was a red carpet event and every guest walked in feeling like a million dollars, the entrance boasted Gordons Gin table and a huge poster showing off all the contestants.

cosmo sexiest man 2017

The venue was appropriately selected for such a prestigious annual event and was hosted by the charismatic Mandy B and DJ Smash Africa, who introduced each contestant one by one.

Each contestant graced us with their presence and strutted their stuff on the Cosmo runway, some flaunted their sexy abs while others only teased us with a short glimpse of their abs. (

(Boo boys, we wanted more )


While each contestant strutted his stuff, the hundreds of event guests were busy clicking away their phones and cameras to get the best image possible to add on their social media accounts in order to win some awesome prizes.

There was a great atmosphere and social media gained tons of new images of the event while almost everybody took a sexy selfie to add to their profiles.

The venue was packed to the brim with many enthusiasts waiting to watch the winner being crowned cosmopolitan sexiest man 2017.

And the winner for 2017 is……drum roll please…none other than Tiro Mosete!

Tiro Mosete

Tiro Mosete

Some lucky winners were announced on the night and walked away with some awesome prizes such as Guess perfumes.

I had the privilege of being backstage to take some exclusive photographs of the contestants and when they weren’t busy interviewing or on camera, they were posing for photos.

I managed to share some of their excitement and be backstage while they were psyching themselves up to go on stage and flaunt the runway.

The vibes were incredible and energetic.

It was an event to remember and if you missed it…there’s always next year.

Words and Expressions by Courtney Dubb
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