#DKEXP, #IronMaiden 1040x691

SA fans have waited in anticipation since August 2015 when the announcement was made that the HEAVY METAL ROCK LEGENDS “IRON MAIDEN” would be gracing our shores for 2 shows only.

Having flown around the world promoting and touring their latest Album “The Book Of Souls World Tour” and what better way to travel than in their own airplane the “ED FORCE ONE” The band arrived in SA last week and performed one night in Cape Town before getting in “ED FORCE ONE” and flying through to Johannesburg for their Johannesburg show. The show took place on Saturday the 21st May 2016 at Carnival City Casino. Now if you thinking to yourself that the Big Top Arena is too small then you are correct because there was no way that the Big Top Arena could host 16,000 Iron Maiden Troopers.

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Yes 16,000 troopers came out to Carnival City Casino Festival Lawns to find that there was this massive Stage and Sound rig erected with awesome props and designs to give the fans an all-out ROCKING EXPERIENCE.

#DKEXP, #IronMaiden 1040x691

#DKEXP, #IronMaiden 1040x691

The show begins with a song from the band UFO called “Doctor Doctor” which is followed by a short 1 minute animation video that shows where the band has performed and the countries they have flown to and then it begins with Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson alone on stage with lights on him

and as he is singing the words to “If Eternity Should Fail” the crowd starts go wild with fans cheering, and singing along, then the rest of the band all come onto stage with such high energy they move up and down the stage doing incredible things with their instruments making it look so easy, but I guess that after 40 years anyone will make it look easy. They performed a selection of new and old songs which Bruce calls “Legacy Tracks” and proved just why they are the undeniable KINGS OF METAL.

Iron Maiden put on an excellent performance with superb musicianship and stagecraft unlike any other I have ever seen and possibly one of the Best Ever Rock Acts ever to perform in SA.

Now as usual we only had 3 songs to capture as many shots as we could and with the band constantly moving around the stage made it a bit of a challenge to get the best shot but think I managed to get some awesome shots of Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris and the trio of guitarists Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers and wasn’t so lucky enough to get any proper shots of the drummer Nicko McBrain

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All Expressions Frozen in Time and Space by Time Traveller Dale DK Kopping using a Nikon D3200 with a 16mm-300mm Tamron lens and no flash.

F-stop – f/3.5

Exposure time – 1/500 sec.

ISO speed – ISO 6400

Exposure bias – 2 step

Max aperture 3.6

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