Robert Kiyosaki and NAC return to South Africa to address financial crash, “junk” status

Success Resources, the leading seminar organiser in the world, is pleased to announce that Robert Kiyosaki will be speaking at the National Achievers Congress on 8th and 9th July 2017, at the Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria. 

The theme this year is much closer to the hearts of South Africans, being “Top Financial Wizards Foresee An Upcoming Global Financial Crisis”. In April earlier this year, South Africa’s credit rating was cut to “junk” status, and where global economic signs point to an impending worldwide financial crisis, Robert Kiyosaki and a panel of experts aim to help ordinary men and women create the wealth they desire, and then to help them protect their newly created wealth. 

Key speakers at the event include Robert Kiyosaki – bestselling author and financial educator responsible for the number one personal finance book in the world, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”; Sandy Jadeja – Chief Market Strategist and Trading Educator; as well as Tom Wheelwright – Tax Expert and Robert’s Rich Dad Advisor. 

Robert said: “Many people right now are doing things that are not making them any richer, but poorer instead. They are invested in money-losing habits such as saving, getting a job, going to university, and being afraid of debt. What I hope to achieve this July with the National Achievers Congress is to reach out and help educate even more people financially”. 

Robert Kiyosaki is no stranger to South Africa and its people. Last year, he was in Pretoria sharing the secrets of wealth creation and management, in order to help sandwiched middle-class South Africans become much more financially adequate and to thrive in such an unstable economic climate. 

This year, Robert Kiyosaki will not only be opening for the event, but will be speaking for most of the 2 days, sharing his immense experience and teaching financial lessons learnt from over the past 20 years. 

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